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Halal meat production on rise in Russia

only 25% of halal food is consumed by muslims,

Source : / 06 Feb 2014

According to the analysts, only 25% of halal food is consumed by muslims, and the rest 75% is consumed by orthodox, Jews, and other consumers. “Halal food attracts not only muslims but other people who want to eat useful and healthy food. The word “halal” bring up an association with such notions as “bio”, “eco” and farm products.” – said the president of Europe Association of Poultry breeders, Sergei Shabaev, during the “Belok” forum, which took place in Moscow.  

Heads of many russian poultry factories express willingness to recieve the certification of their production according to halal norms, because it is the only way to attract consumers from Islamic countries. The Russian factory “Jaroslavskiy broiler” has already certificated and now it will provide the supplies of halal chicken meat on the Indonesian market. And what is “halal”? It is “the key which open a door to Islamic world” – said the expert. “For this purpose we created “Europe Association of Poultry breeders on export and import of chicken meat”. The members of the association are Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Russia”.        

Shabayev believes that the slaughter of animals in accordance with the canons of halal can be an opportunity to reach new level on the European market, because many Muslims living in Europe, refusing to buy European broilers slaughtered by electrocution method.            


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