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A grand mosque to be built in Vladivostok

Vladivostok, January 13, 2021

Tatarstan Muslims plan to build a new mosque for the follow-believers in Vladivostok. The place for worship has already been selected, and the paperwork is underway as well, IA PrimaMedia reported on January 13.  

Olga Ivchenko, deputy director of the Primorye Department of Internal Policy, told the agency that the new mosque is to be placed at Street Proselochnaya, 30. The survey showed that 78% of townspeople do not object to a new facility in this area. The land on the Proselochnaya is under the jurisdiction of the Russian Ministry of Defense; now they are to transfer it to the ownership of the region.

In several months the site of the mosque will be transferred to the organization responsible for interaction with Tatarstan on the construction of the Kazan mosque. The construction work is planned to start in summer. The area of ​​the new mosque is 420 sq. m. The construction cost, according to the project, is estimated at about 1,500 million dollars.



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