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The first graduates of the Troitsk Madrasa received diplomas

Chelyabinsk, July 9, 2021

The first four graduates of the Troitsk madrasa “Rasulia” received their diplomas at the opening of the panel session of the scientific and practical conference “Rasulev Readings” on July 8, Islam.ru website reports.

According to the director of the Madrasa, Damir Bitkulov, today the Rasulia madrasa is a Muslim professional spiritual and educational religious organization, equated to technical schools and colleges, that is, young people studying in the madrasa receive secondary vocational education.

“We graduate the first students. They are 11 classes graduates. Next year, graduation will take place for those who enter the madrasa after finishing nine classes of a regular school. It will be both boys and girls. In Islam, a woman cannot be a clergyman, so girls will receive diplomas of teachers of the basics of Islam and the Arabic language,” explained the director of the madrasa.

At the time the Troitsk madrasa was one of the most famous religious educational institutions of the Urals: it was opened in 1883 at the Cathedral Mosque of Troitsk and at that time received the name of its founder, the famous religious figure Zainullah Rasulev (Zainullah bin Khabibulla bin Rasul). In 1919, the institution was closed. It resumed its activities only 99 years later.

An annual scientific and practical conference “Rasulev Readings: Islam in the History and Modern Life of Russia” is held in Chelyabinsk and Troitsk. For the second year in a row, the conference has an international status. Sheikh Abdurrazzak Assaidi, the spiritual leader of Muslims and a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), took part in the conference as well.



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