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Direct flights from Dagestan to Saudi Arabia are open now

Makhachkala, December 30, 2019

The regular flights to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) from Makhachkala (Dagestan, Russia) airport started on Sunday last week. According to Bulat Kurbanov, general director of the Marwa-Tour Hajj Company, the flights will be carried out by Utair Company once in two weeks, TASS reports.

"The first plane departed from Makhachkala with a 100% load. The return flight from Jeddah is scheduled for January 10. The flights will be carried out regularly, once every two weeks”, Kurbanov said.

According to him, in case of demand they are to consider an increase in the frequency of departures in future. “Now we have a 100% load on the first five flights. And we plan to increase the number of flights up to once a week if there is a demand”, Kurbanov explained, adding that the issue of increasing the frequency of departures is planned to be considered closer to the beginning of the summer season.

Utair Company informed about its plans to open a regular flight to Jeddah in October this year. With the opening of direct flights between southern Russia and Saudi Arabia, an increase in the number of pilgrims departing for a small hajj is expected to be 30-40%.


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