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Dagestani Head responded to vital questions

Dagestani Head responded to vital questions

Source : / 25 Apr 2013

I have not fully realized how deep the crisis that covered different areas of Dagestani society was", - said the leader of Dagestan - Ramazan Abdulatipov in an interview to “Vzglyad” newspaper. He said that in order to fight effectively against terrorism, we should clear governmental bodies from those who support such people.

On the question of whether the Tsarnaev family would live without problems in Makhachkala, Ramazan Abdulatipov said, “I cannot classify these people as Dagestanians. The family lived only four months in Dagestan, then moved to United States. As far as I know, parents have recently returned. Our Constitution does not provide criminal responsibility for considering someone as parents, of course if they did not contribute to any crimes.”

To a question on whether it is true that one of the priority Dagestani features will be IT-park, Abdulatipov replied, yes, it's true. “Russian Minister Nikiforov Nikolay Anatolievich has recently visited our republic; he is one of the most prominent Russian experts in this field. We can see results of his work in Tatarstan. When Nikolay Anatolievich saw the work of our young professionals, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that in some ways we are ahead of Tatarstan.”

Dubbed as the new rising star Anzhi Football Club since the beginning of the year did not win a single match in League of Europe, although at the end of last year was seen as one of the possible winners. Whether he is worried that Anzhi FC is fading away the President replied that he believes in Anzhi.“Anzhi reached semi-finals of Russian Football Cup. Recently we defeated FC Dinamo in quarterfinals. For us, football and Anzhi is more than sport. I am not a football fan, but seems gradually becoming. I strongly support our club. I had a meeting with Guus Hiddink and Roberto Carlos and presented them with awards. Anzhi players should live in Dagestan. We plan to build a big sport complex where they will be able to live, train and leave republic only for matches. The most striking victories of our team are still to come. I believe in their success,”he added.


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