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Dagestan Muftiyat held an annual general meeting of religious leaders

Makhachkala, December 23, 2019

An expanded Annual General Meeting of religious leaders was held in Makhachkala's historical park “Russia - My History”, dedicated to summing up the activities of the Dagestani Muftiyat for 2019. It was attended by scholars-theologians from all over the Republic, as well as political and public figures. The event began with recitation of the verses of the holy Quran by the renown Arab scholar Sha`ban Ma'mun Ar-Rawi.

Starting his speech, Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Ahmad Afandi praised the Almighty for the large number of scholars-theologians in Dagestan. Sheikh thanked all religious leaders for their selfless work for the benefit of their faith and homeland.

Further, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, addressing the Imams, called for close interaction with the population and being closer to people, in trying to help them as much as they were competent. The Republican Mufti also called for making every effort to unite people and refrain from anything that could cause split in society.

During the event, all the Heads of the various Muftiyat Departments presented their reports on the work carried out in 2019. The first from the Fatwa Department was Zaynulla Ataev, who noted that the Department employees issued 130 fatwas during the year under review.

About a thousand people turned to the Reconciliation Department this year, and most of the issues were successfully resolved. As the Head of the Department Muhammad Arslanaliev noted, the positive result of their work is associated with the wise leadership of the Mufti of Dagestan, Sheikh Ahmad Afandi.


The Head of the Department of science and education, Abakar Khalunov, reported on the results of the Muftiyat's activities in the educational sphere. The Department of Science and Education worked on the translation of the works of famous Arab and Dagestani scholars, one of the latest editions is the translation into Russian of the work of the famous Arab scholar-theologian Abdul-Qadir 'Isa Diyab “Scales of Justice - for distinguishing truth from lies” and a biography of Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaraghi.

The Education Department of the Muftiyat is functioning in all municipalities of the Republic. This year, department employees held about 26 thousand lectures, the main part of which was devoted to the prevention of extremism and terrorism in society. Next, the Head of the Insan Charity Foundation, Muhammadrasul Akhmedov, reported that this year the Fund rendered assistance to the poor in the amount of 125 million rubles, and this, according to Akhmedov, is a merit not only of the foundation’s employees.


Ansar Ramazanov, the issuing editor of the Russian version of the As-Salam newspaper, spoke about the activities of the spiritual and educational publication, the circulation of which currently stands at more than 140 thousand copies. Also during the event, a presentation of the Muftiyat's brand-new mobile application was made, designed to facilitate access to reliable canonical information. The Head of the Muftiyat's press service, Mawlid Mazukaev, acquainted those present with all the features of the new application.

At the end of the event, a solemn awarding ceremony was held with letters of thanks and signature watches presented on behalf of the Honorable Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Afandi to representatives of the government for extending assistance in educational activities, as well as to religious leaders who were distinguished by success in their work.


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