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Zamzam and it's properties

Does the Zamzam water lose its properties if it is diluted with ordinary water, and is it permissible to receive the barakah of it?
• It is permissible to dilute the water with ordinary water, if no deception occurs. For example, one can not sell or distribute it under the guise of pure Zam-zam.
• After diluting Zam-zam with ordinary water to increase the volume, it (Zam-zam) does not lose its original blessings.
The proof is the hadith of the Prophet  narrated by Talqa ibn Ali رضي الله عنه according to which the Prophet  conveyed to the group of people water used for ablution and told them to pour it on the site of a former temple, and then asked them to remake it into a mosque. They replied to him that this water would eventually end, to which the Prophet  said:
مدوه من الماء, فإنه لا يزيده إلا طيبا
(سنن النسائي 701)
"Add ordinary water to it, because it will only increase its goodness"
(Sunan an-Nasai, No. 701).
قال ملا علي قارئ في كتابه "مرقاة المفاتيح":
The authoritative scholar of the Hanafi madhhab Mullah 'Ali Qari, commenting on this hadith in his book "Mirqat al-mafatih", quotes Ibn Hazhar al-'Asqalani:
قال ابن حجر: وفيه التبرك بفضله - عليه السلام -, ونقله إلى البلاد, ونظيره: ماء زمزم فإنه - عليه السلام - كان يستهديه من أمير مكة ليتبرك به أهل المدينة
(2 \ 603)
"This hadith indicates the possibility of receiving blessing (barakah) from the water used by the Prophet  for ablution and also that it was sent to various cities, as well as his ﷺ request of Zamzam water from Emir of Mecca as a gift, so that the inhabitants of Medina would receive it's barakah"
[See: Mirqat al-Mafatih, vol. 2, p. 603].
• From the above-mentioned it is clear that one may receive barakah from the Zamzam water, and it will not lose it's goodness from dilution with ordinary water. However, it is inadmissible to sell such water as a clean Zamzam, since it constitutes a fraud.

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