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What to do if a dog touched someone's clothes?

What to do if a dog (by it's nose, tongue or hair) touched someone's clothes?
قال الإمام سليمان البجيرمي في كتابه "حاشية البجيرمي على الخطيب":
Imam Sulaiman al-Bujayrami in his comments on "Sharh al-Khatib" writes:
(ويغسل الإناء) وكل جامد, ... وجوبا (من ولوغ) كل من (الكلب والخنزير) وفرع أحدهما وكذا بملاقاة شيء من أجزاء كل منهما سواء في ذلك لعابه وبوله وسائر رطوباته وأجزائه الجافة إذا لاقت رطبا (سبع مرات) بماء طهور (إحداهن) ... (بتراب طهور) يعم محل النجاسة.
[ج 1, ص 487]
"If a dog or a pig or what was born from one of them touched dishes, vessel, any solid thing, or anything from these animals, whether it was saliva, urine or something else wet touched dry clothes, or else the wet touched wet, this affected thing must be washed seven times with water, one of which must be washing with water mixed with clean earth"
[See: "Hashiya Sharh al-Khatib, vol. 1, p. 487]
• If a dog touched clothes with a nose or wet hair, or if the dog's dry hair touched wet clothes, it must be cleaned seven times with water, one of which is washing with soil dissolved in it.

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