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Is it from the sunnah to drink zamzam water while standing?

Is it advisable to get up when drinking zamzam water, or is it better to drink sitting?
قال ابن حجر في كتابه "تحفة المحتاج":
Ibn Hajar in his book "Tuhfat al-Muhtaj" writes:
ويسن عند إرادة شربه الاستقبال والجلوس وقيامه - صلى الله عليه وسلم - لبيان الجواز.
(1 \ 144)
"It is desirable (sunnah) for one who wants to drink water zamzam to sit down, turning to the Qiblah, but the fact that the Prophet ﷺ drank it whilst standing, indicates the permissibility of this."
[See: Tuhfat al-Muhtaj, p. 144].
Imam ash-Shirwani in the commentaries to the book "Tuhfat al-Muhtaj" writes the following:
قوله:) لبيان الجواز) أي أو للازدحام,
"The words "indicates permissiveness" mean permissiveness (of drinking zamzam) at the time of crowd congestion...
زاد الإمام المناوي في شرح الشمائل:
Further, Imam al-Shirwani added that al-Manawi in his book "Sharh al-Shamail" writes:
وابتلال المكان مع احتمال المكان مع احتمال النسخ فقد روي عن جابر أنه لما سمع رواية من روى أنه شرب قائما قال قد رأيته صنع ذلك ثم سمعته بعد ذلك ينهى عنه,
"... and perhaps the Prophet ﷺ was drinking whilst standing, because the place where he was standing was wet, and if he sat down, he would have wet his hem, and probably in view of this the desirability of drinking water whilst standing was canceled."
In addition, it is reported that Jabir, hearing the story of someone who told how he (the Prophet ﷺ) was drinking whilst standing, said:
"I saw how he did it, and then I heard how he forbade it."
وحيث علمت أنه فعله لبيان الجواز عرفت سقوط قول البعض أنه يسن الشرب من زمزم قائما اتباعا له.
(4 \ 144)
"And since now you know that his action indicates only permissiveness, then it should be clear to you the inconsistency of the words of those who say that it is desirable to drink zamzam whilst standing up (following the Prophet ﷺ)"
[See: Khawashi al-Shirwani, vol. 4, p. 144].
Hence it follows that drinking water, including zamzam, is desirable (sunnah) while sitting, but the fact that the Prophet ﷺ once drank standing water indicates only the permissiveness and not the desirability.
Division of Fatwa, Dagestani Muftiyat

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