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Is it permissible for a girl to greet a stranger with salam?

Is it permissible for a girl to greet a stranger with salam?
قال ابن حجر الهيتمي في كتابه "تحفة المحتاج":
Ibn Hajar al-Haytami in his book "Tuhfat al-Muhtaj" writes:
ودخل في قولي: مسنون سلام امرأة على امرأة أو نحو محرم أو سيد أو زوج, وكذا على أجنبي وهي عجوز لا تشتهى ويلزمها في هذه الصور رد سلام الرجل.
"It is desirable (sunnah) for a woman to greet another woman with salam, also her mahram (brother, father, grandfather, niece, etc.), her master (if she is a slave) and her husband. Also, for an old woman, to whom men do not experience attraction, is desirable to greet a stranger man. In all these cases (i.e., when a stranger is greeting her with salam, etc.) she (the old woman) is obliged to respond to their salam."
أما مشتهاة ليس معها امرأة أخرى فيحرم عليها رد سلام أجنبي ومثله ابتداؤه.
"As for the girl, to whom men are attracted, she is forbidden (haram) to respond to the greeting of a stranger if there is no other woman (or man) with her. She is also forbidden to greet a stranger first."
ويكره له رد سلامها ومثله ابتداؤه أيضا.
"For a man it is undesirable (karahat) to respond to the salam of a strange woman, and also to greet her."
... ولو سلم على جمع نسوة وجب رد إحداهن.
(9 \ 224)
"... If a man greets two or more strange women, one of them must respond to his greeting."
[See: Tuhfat al-Muhtaj, vol. 9, p. 224].

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