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I hear strange voices

Since my childhood I have been hearing and feeling something strange and invisible, I often turned around, hearing steps behind, and found no one there. In my school years I would fall asleep during lessons. Sometimes I even got paralyzed. I was unable to move my limbs; only my tongue obeyed me. One day I felt kind of being sucked into a funnel; I was whirled and shaken like a tiny piece of gravel in a huge waterfall. (That was not a dream), then, as if by a click, I had dreams, good dreams; heard some voices, etc. In general, those dreams were wonderful, praise be to Allah! It had been lasting for a long time, until I began to pray. All this is gone now. I wonder why it all happened to me?  Maybe I did something wrong?

 Here is another point I’d like to share with you. Every time I leave a mosque or start praying, I want to cry. Sometimes I walk on the streets, alone, and suddenly I feel a strong desire to burst crying, desire to fall on my knees crying and begging Allah to forgive me! In such moments everything is shaking and whirling inside of me. I have been married since my 4th year of the institute, but still this strange feeling doesn’t let me go; I often want to get away from people and fall on my knees with tears in my eyes, full of repentance to God. I'm only 21 years old. There is no great sins behind me. I study and try not to miss my prayers. Tell me, what I should do.

From the standpoint of religion:

The states mentioned by you (voices, sounds, footsteps, etc.), come from satan, and in order to get rid of them you must  seek refuge in Allah, in a way He, praise be to Him, teaches us; read verses from Quran  "al-Falaq" and "al-Nas." These verses are the true way to protect oneself from the cursed satan; often recite  isti`aza (seeking refuge in Allah), "A`uzubillahi minashshaytani al-Rajim," or "A`uzu billahi sami`il-`alim minashshaitani rrajim." But first you need to consider one thing - It will not bring you any help unless you ask Allah sincerely. If a person simply pronounces these words with his heart diverted from Allah, then, of course, there will be no benefit in it. A person needs to ask Allah with complete confidence that his supplication will be heard. If a supplicant observes all the necessary conditions, he becomes a thousand times stronger than satan.

Regarding your desire to cry falling down on knees before God - it’s a very commendable feature and you should not consider it as something strange. Praise Allah for His giving you the ability to cry and repent before Him. Not everyone can make it so sincerely. Try to keep this feature of yours through the rest of your life and if you succeed, then, Insha Allah, you will live your life in a proper way, because the ability to cry repenting for sins keeps people away from bad deeds. Remember Allah and think about why we are created for. Scholars say that an hour of contemplation is better than the night of worship. Spend the time with the righteous people, avoid bad company and perform collective prayers as often as possible.

Answer by Muhammad Amin Magomedrasulov,
Graduate of the Dagestan Islamic University


From the standpoint of Psychology:

Your problems are likely to have a religious nature and are associated with a feeling of guilt. One should always remember that being in doubts of anything is a part of our life. You should not pay too much attention on emerging visions; they may be related to your impressionability, and excessive suspiciousness. Try to live like a normal person, do good deeds and be kind to people around you. What happens to you is a result of an exalted character you just need to learn how to live with it. Never forget that most of what is happening to you may just pass by without any tangible consequences.

Answer by Aliashab A. Murzaev
Consulting psychologist for the Center of  Social Assistance to Family and Children

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