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Characteristics of fasting in Sha`ban

What are the characteristics of fasting in the second half of the month Sha'ban?
قال محمد بن شهاب الدين الرملي في كتابه "نهاية المحتاج" ج -3, ص -178 ,:
Muhammad ibn Shihabuddin ar-Ramli in his book "Nihayat al-Muhtaj" (vol.3, p.178) writes the following:
حرم الصوم بعد نصف شعبان بلا سبب مما يأتي إن لم يصله بما قبله لخبر {إذا انتصف شعبان فلا تصوموا} وفهم منه أنه لو صام الخامس عشر وتاليه ثم أفطر السابع عشر حرم عليه صوم الثامن عشر.
"It is forbidden to observe the Sunnah fast after the first half of the Sha'ban month without valid reasons, (which will be explained below), and also if this fast is not associated with the fasting in the first half of this month, since according to a hadith: " When the middle of the month Sha'ban comes, then you do not keep fast".
From this it is clear that if fasting is observed on the fifteenth and sixteenth day of the Sha'ban month, and the seventeenth is not observed, then on the eighteenth day it is forbidden to observe the sunnah fast."
... (وله) (صومه عن القضاء والنذر) المستقر في ذمته والكفارة فيحل من غير كراهة ... وشمل إطلاقه قضاء المستحب.
"... It is permissible after the first half of the month Sha'ban to make up the mandatory and desirable fasts, observe the fast of nazr (vow), fast kaffarat."
... (وكذا لو وافق عادة تطوعه) سواء أكان يسرد الصوم أم يصوم يوما معينا كالاثنين والخميس أو يصوم يوما ويفطر يوما ... وتثبت عادته المذكورة بمرة.
"... It is also permitted if he has a certain practice/method of observing the Sunnat fasts.
For example, he observes fasting every day or a certain fast in the week like Monday and Thursday, or fasts every other day.
If a person has, until the middle of the month Sha'bahn, at least once in the past, one of the above methods has been practiced (and he did not abandon this method), then he/she can continue fasting in the second half of this month."
Observing the fast in the second half of the month Sha'ban is allowed to the following people:
• One who used to fast regularly. For example, a person who fasted every Monday and Thursday, can continue to do so in the second half of Sha'ban also.
• One who observes a mandatory fast, for example, a fast-vow (nazr) or fast-kaffarat (fine) or makes up a missed fast, whether mandatory or desirable.
• One who fasted before the second half of the month Sha'ban, i.e. until the 15th, and continues to fast until the end of the month without a miss.

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