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Israelization of Egypt: Now Egypt is targeting Gaza Fishermen

Source : Abdurrahman Aydin / 29 Oct 2013

It is reported by famous internet website The Electronic Intifada that, in the last few weeks, the Egyptian navy is harassing Palestinian fishermen on a continuous base by arresting and injuring them and damaging their fishing boats. The shift of power in Egypt since July 3 has not just led to border closures for those wanted to cross into the country from Gaza. Besides, it caused a rapid decline in the transport of basic goods, which is partly affected by the restrictions on fishing rights.


UAE signs $4.9 billion aid package to Egypt

Source : Reuters / 28 Oct 2013

The United Arab Emirates signed an aid agreement with Egypt on Saturday worth $4.9 billion, in another show of support from the wealthy Gulf state to Egypt’s army-backed government.

The aid package includes a $1bn grant already sent to Egypt in July, while the rest is fresh funds to support various sectors of the economy, the UAE’s state news agency said.


Egyptian military officers back army chief for president

By Yasmine Saleh / 24 Oct 2013

After months of turmoil in Egypt, military officers are pushing popular army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to run for president, after the 2011 uprising had inspired hopes for democratic change in a country long dominated by generals.

Sisi ousted Egypt’s first freely-elected president, Mohamed Mursi, the man who appointed him, in July after mass protests against the Islamist leader’s rule.


Egypt returns $2 billion to Qatar in sign of growing tensions

Source : Reuters / 21 Sep 2013

Egypt has returned $2 billion that Qatar had deposited with its central bank, after talks to convert the funds into three-year bonds broke down, central bank Governor Hisham Ramez said on Thursday.

Egypt authorities have also refused a Qatari request to increase the number of flights between the two states, according to Egyptian airport sources, in a further sign of rising tension between the two Arab Muslim states.


Egypt to launch economic stimulus plan

Source : Reuters / 29 Aug 2013

Egypt’s interim cabinet will approve a plan on Wednesday to stimulate the economy over the next nine months, al-Ahram newspaper quoted Planning Minister Ashraf al-Arabi as saying.

The government has said it plans to avoid raising taxes or cutting spending to reduce the country’s mushrooming budget deficit, and instead will use aid pledged by Gulf Arab states to spur growth.


Giraffes, rhinos ‘mull suicide’ in Egypt amid violence

Source : Al Arabiya / 24 Aug 2013

The political turmoil in Egypt is not just taking a toll on people living through the country’s bloody violence; animals are also feeling the strain.

Giraffes, rhinos, elephants and deer are contemplating suicide, Egyptian newspaper al-Masry al-Youm reported this week, citing gunfire and protester chants as reasons behind the zoo animals’ alleged agony.


Analysts: Turkey losing regional clout as Egypt crisis flares

Source : AFP / 16 Aug 2013

Turkey’s clout in the Middle East is taking a beating with the brutal sidelining of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood derailing Ankara’s hopes to lead a regional surge of Islamist political power, analysts say.

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) was an early supporter of the 2011 uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak and subsequently nourished close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.


Yemeni Nobel Laureate Karman banned from entering Egypt

Source : AFP / 5 Aug 2013

Egyptian authorities on Sunday banned Yemeni rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman from entering the country for “security reasons,” airport officials said.

Karman was held at Cairo airport on arrival and ordered to return on the flight back to Yemen, the officials said without providing further details. The first Arab woman to win the Nobel peace prize has voiced support for loyalists of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi and described his ouster by the military in July as undemocratic.


Halting Egypt’s wheat imports was Mursi’s biggest mistake, says minister

Source : Reuters / 23 Jul 2013

The biggest mistake deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi made was stopping wheat imports, Egypt’s new minister of supplies said, pledging to ensure that supplies of a strategic good like wheat do not reach the critically low levels they did during Mursi’s year in office.

Mohamed Abu Shadi, a 62-year-old former police general with a doctorate in economics, said Mursi’s government made “incorrect calculations” regarding Egypt’s wheat stocks.


Egypt holds seventh annual festival to promote traditional crafts

Source : Reuters / 5 June 2013

The seventh annual festival of traditional and heritage crafts was inaugurated under the auspices of the Egyptian ministry of culture's sector of fine arts on.

Egyptian heritage crafts were exhibited alongside demonstrations and workshops.

Potter Ahmed Yassin Abdel Khalek showed visitors his skill at the potter's wheel.


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