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Banning the hijab at school is discrimination:Czech ombudsman

Source : PraguePost / 30 Aug 2014

Czech ombudsman Anna Sabatová has stood up for the Somali student of a secondary medical school in Prague who has been forbidden to wear a headscarf at school, server has reported, referring to the ombudsman office's internal document.


‘Malaysia Airlines should allow hijab for Muslim stewardesses’

Source : The Star / 29 Aug 2014

Muslim female flight attendants working with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) should be given the option to wear the hijab, suggested Umno Youth.

“Those who wish to cover their aurat should be allowed to do so,” said the movement’s head Khairy Jamaluddin while chairing an Umno Youth exco meeting yesterday.


85% in Muslim countries support the headscarf

Source : World Bulletin / 29 Apr 2014

The findings of a study surveying the opinions on women’s dress in seven predominantly Muslim countries has found that an astonishing 84.6% agree that women should wear the headscarf.


St. Paul police now allow employees to wear hijab

Source : AP / 07 Mar 2014

The St. Paul Police Department is now allowing employees to wear a police-issued hijab headscarf, according to an announcement Saturday.

St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith said he knows of only one other department in Washington, D.C., that allows the hijab in the United States, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.


One-day Hijab Leads Young Briton to Islam

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 3 Apr 2013

A one-day experience of wearing hijab has led a 21-year-old Briton to read more about Islam and eventually embracing the religion.

“I took part in the first World Hijab Day and challenged myself to wear the hijab for a month,” Jessica Rhodes told Muslim Mirror


Lawyer wears headscarf in court for first time

Source : Doğan News / 3 Apr 2013

A female lawyer has for the first time entered a Turkish court wearing a headscarf, following the revoking of a regulation banning the headscarf in judicial institutions by the Council of State.

Attorney Şule Dağlı Gökkılıç wore her headscarf during a hearing in a libel suit in the Istanbul district of Kadıköy’s criminal court. As the new regulation had yet to be officially put into force, the judge noted in the court’s records that Gökkılıç was wearing her headscarf on duty.


Hijab? Still Needed? Why?

Source : World-Insights / 31 Dec 2012

The term “hijãb—الحجاب”  literally means a cover, curtain or screen.Until the Imperialists invaded Muslim Countries and the Muslims started mixing with non-believers, all our Muslim women walked in this world with great respect and dignity. The non-believers were finding it very difficult to come anywhere near the border of our Muslim sisters purity.


124 year old Palestinian grandmother reportedly refused recognition due to hijab

Source : Gulf News / 28 Dec 2012

124-year-old Palestinian Maryam Hamdan Ammash, who according to relatives was “undoubtedly the oldest woman in world”, died last Saturday, Gulf News reported.

The report stated that relatives of the highly respected grandmother said that she was denied world record recognition, despite having official documents confirming her birth in 1888; and having been visited by a team of Guinness investigators, because she refused to remove her hijab (Muslim headscarf) for a television appearance as stipulated by Guinness.


Canada’s Top Court Rules on Muslim Niqab

Source : OnIslam & Agencies / 21 Dec 2012

A Muslim woman who wears full face veil may be forced to remove it before testifying before a court, but only if absolutely necessary and after any objections have been considered, Canada’s Supreme Court has decided.

"An extreme approach that would always require the witness to remove her veil while testifying, or one that would never do so, is untenable," the court’s Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin wrote, Ottawa Sun reported.


Islam comes to the classroom in Russia's Chechnya

Source : Reuters | 22 Oct 2012

At school No. 20 in Russia's troubled region of Chechnya, boys sit on one side of the classroom and girls in headscarves on the other. All are silent as the new teacher rises to speak.


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