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Islam in Japan

Muslim visitors to Japan forecast to hit million by 2020

Source : AFP / 02 Aug 2014

Muslim visitors to Japan are expected to reach one million a year by 2020, triple the 2013 level, as it further opens up to tourists, a specialist travel firm said Friday.

Singapore-based CrescentRating, which promotes "halal" or Islam-compliant travel, said Southeast Asia would be a key source for Muslim tourists after Tokyo eased visa requirements.


Japan university hosts Islamic exhibition

Source : World Bulletin / 11 Jun 2014

Doshisha University in Japan's Kyoto has hosted exhibition about Islam organized by the Omani Foundations and Religious Affairs Ministry called the “Message of Islam from Oman”.


Japan to increase halal food export

Source : World Bulletin / 06 Nov 2013

Japan plans to increase its export of halal food as demand for Japanese food grows in Muslim countries in the Middle-East and Asia. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced plans to double exports by 2020 in a move that will bring an extra $10.3 billion to the country.

The Kuwait News Agency reported that the Japanese government is prepared to pay for half of the costs involved in upgrading processing facilities to make them compliant to halal standards.


Japan sees big potential in Muslim tourists

By Mutsuko Murakami / 5 Mar 2013

More travel agencies are going all out to ensure Muslims have a comfortable stay in their country

JAPAN has suffered a traumatic decrease of Chinese tourists since the third quarter of last year, primarily because of Sino-Japan territorial frictions.

Filling the void are the new waves of tourists, notably from Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries.


Report on Islam in Asia: Japan

Source : Agencies | 27 Aug 2012

Islam in Japan does not go very back in history compared to the other countries in the region. Japan is the latest country where Islam began spreading among other countries in the Far East.

Most of the historians say that Turk-Tatar relations were one of the main reasons on Islam's spreading in Japan.

There is a belief that a number of Muslims in Japan converted to Islam due to Tatars who immigrated to Japan a century ago.


A Japanese Woman's Experience of Hijab



Source:By Nakata Khaula/

When I reverted to Islam, the religion of our inborn nature, a fierce debate raged about girls observing the hijab at schools in France. It still does. The majority, it seemed, thought that wearing the headscarf was contrary to the principle that public - that is state-funded - schools should be neutral with regard to religion.



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