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Middle East

Bankers are the dictators of the West

By Robert Fisk
Source: The Independent /Dec. 13/2011

Writing from the very region that produces more clichés per square foot than any other “story” – the Middle East – I should perhaps pause before I say I have never read so much garbage, so much utter drivel, as I have about the world financial crisis.


Political Islam and its supposed dangers

By Abdul Bari Atwan  | Middle East Monitor / 01 Dec 2011


Islam and Secularism in Middle East Governments



By: August 22/2011


Secularism is best represented by the separation of church and state. It is a belief that religion should not in any way have a function in the running of a state. This applies especially to the public education systems and curricula. 

Most countries in the world have adopted secularism to a certain extent but some, particularly in the Middle East, still retain governments that follow a particular religion's laws and enforce them on the population. This makes it almost impossible to guarantee the freedom of belief or worship of each individual and, as history has shown, religion in government invariably leads to the belittling of the rights of the dissenting sector of society.


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