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Moroccan girl, 9, wins $136,000 Arab reading prize

A nine-year-old Moroccan girl on Tuesday won $136,000 (120,000 euros) in an Arabic-language reading competition organized by the Dubai government.
Maryam Amjoun beat 16 other finalists all aged under 18 from across the Arab world to land the top prize in the third annual Arab Reading Challenge.
Organizers said that this years literacy initiative -- in which competitors have to read at least 50 books to qualify -- saw “10.5 million students from the Arab region and worldwide” take part.

South Arabian languages face threat

By Ibrahim Nafee / Arab news / 6 Dec 2013

It would be difficult to save several endangered south Arabian languages, including one spoken only by a small community in the far southeast of Saudi Arabia, a renowned linguist said Wednesday.

Janet Watson from the University of Leeds made this observation at the first Linguistics in Arabia Conference held at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) in Jeddah. She said a major problem was that these languages have no literature and would therefore not survive for another 50 years.


Google: Arabic content ranks eighth on the internet

By Hind Mustafa / Al Arabiya / 3 Dec 2013

Arabic is currently ranked the “eighth language in terms of growth and usage on the internet,” a Google spokesperson told Al Arabiya News.

Arabic content dropped from the seventh spot 2012, according to the company, adding that it makes up only 3 percent of overall internet content.


'It's Arabic'

Source : Gulf News / 21 May 2013


Ream is a measure of a quantity of sheets of paper. it comes from the arabic rizma, meaning bale or bundle, and the word arrived with the introduction of paper itself from the arab world in the 1100s and 1200s.


Conveying the meaning of the Holy Quran in another language

Religious texts - problems of translation
By Ali Viacheslav Polosin | Assalam | 12 Apr 2012

It is obvious that any translation of a literary work may only approximately convey its meaning and the emotional impact of the original. Translation of religious works is even more complicated for many reasons:  


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