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Turkey to restore Andalusian Muslim prayer room

Source : AA / 29 Mar 2014

Turkey will restore a masjid (prayer room for Muslims) in Andalusia, a region that was controlled by its Muslim rulers for a few centuries in the Iberia Peninsula in Spain's southern city of Cordoba, says the Turkish cooperation agency.

In a district of Cordoba dubbed as Mazquit, the masjid is located at the historical remains of Andalusian period of Cordoba and very close to Mosque of Cordoba, a well-known Islamic monument which was converted to a cathedrale. 


Andalusia: the Return of Islam to Europe

By Iskander Nabiulin | Islam Magazine / Makhachkala / 2011

There is no way not to fall in love with Andalusia, and the Moors knew where to build their state ...


Spanish language still influenced by Islamic culture till today

Spain is closely connected to the Islamic world. Not only does Spain enjoy good diplomatic relations with a big number of Islamic countries, but it also has the intrinsic presence of Islamic culture at the Iberian Peninsula for nearly eight centuries — from the time of Al-Ándalus.


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