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Poor worst affected by Europe’s austerity measures

Source : Presstv / 28 Mar 2014

A leading charity says the poor are the hardest hit by the economic crisis in Europe and the consequent austerity measures.

In a report published on Thursday, Caritas Europa said austerity measures taken by governments in Europe have led to an increase in child poverty and put people's health at risk.


Desalination plant to be built in Gaza

Source : AFP / 26 Mar 2014

The European Union and UNICEF launched a project Thursday to build a desalination plant in the Gaza Strip to provide 75,000 Palestinians with drinking water.

A joint statement said the project will be implemented by UNICEF thanks to a 10-million-euro ($13.7-million) EU grant.


U.N.: Number of needy Sudanese rose 40% last year

Source : AFP / 26 Mar 2014

The number of Sudanese in need of aid has risen 40 percent over the past year, boosted by worsening conflict in the country, a senior United Nations official said Tuesday.

John Ging, the U.N. director of humanitarian operations, said 6.1 million people need assistance in Sudan.


Chechnya to spend over 400 million rubles on children’s recreation

Source : Vestnik Kavkaza / 25 Mar 2014

The Chechen Ministry for Labour, Employment and Social Development has started preparing for children’s recreation this year, according to the government’s decree on recreation and health-improvement of children.

404.2 million rubles will be spent on children’s recreation. The federal budget will contribute 79.9 million rubles.


Morocco’s argan tree in decline: study

By Larbi Arbaoui / Morocco World News / 25 Mar 2014

According to the Worldagroforestry, argan tree density in Morocco “has decreased from 100 to 30 trees per hectare in less than a century.”


Gaza drinking water unusable by 2016, official warns

Source : Presstv / 24 Mar 2014

A Palestinian official says drinking water in the besieged Gaza Strip will become unusable by the year 2016 should desalination projects keep slowing down.


Haramain Railway to be ready by 2016

Source : IINA / 24 Mar 2014

Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) President Muhammad Al-Suwaiket said the project linking Makkah to Madinah (Al-Haramain Train Project) will be ready by 2016, while adding: “Only 50 % of the project has been completed so far.”


Saudi deports
 370,000 expat workers in
five months

Source : AP / 21 Mar 2014

The deportations began in November as part of a nationwide campaign targeting many of the kingdom’s 9 million migrant labourers. 

Saudi Arabia says it has deported 370,000 foreign migrant workers from the kingdom over the past five months.


Almost half of Britons pessimistic about budget: Poll

Source : Presstv / 21 Mar 2014

Almost half of Britons expect the coalition government’s 2014 budget to be bad for them personally, a new poll shows.


Malaysia tops survey of 'halal holidays' for Muslims, Turkey third

Source : AFP / 21 Mar 2014

Malaysia is the world's friendliest destination for Muslim travellers, according to a survey released Feb. 18, but Japan has shown most improvement as it ramps up efforts to cash in on a growing market.


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