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Tarawih prayers

How to perform taraweeh prayers?

Namaz-tarawih (or taraweeh prayer) is the desired (sunnah) prayer performed during the month of Ramadan after the obligatory night (isha') prayer. It is performed from the 1st night and ends on the last night of fasting. Prayer-tarawih is preferably performed collectively in a mosque, if there is no such opportunity, it could be performed at home together with family and neighbors. In extreme cases, it can be done alone.

Status of tarawih supplication

Source : Ilm Gate / 03 Jul 2014

Tasbīh al-Tarāwīh

Traditionally, in each tarwīhah, the mustahabb break between each set of four rak’ahs of the Tarāwīh prayer, the Muslims of different regions, especially in Makkah and Madīnah, observed different acts of worship.The Muslims in Makkah used to make tawāf of the Ka’bah during each tarwīhah, whereas those in Madīnah, unable to make tawāf, would pray an additional four rak’ahs instead.


Is it Necessary to Perform Tarawih Prayers in the Mosque?

Source : Seekers Guidance / 28 Jun 2014

Question :

Due to the long fasts this Ramadhan, I get extremely tired and drained by Maghrib. I would like to know if it is sinful or disliked for me to pray Tarawih at home? Would praying in congregation with my family make a difference?Описание: Неизвестный объект



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