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women in France

Row over French politician’s veil comments

Source : AFP / 20 Aug 2014

A French MEP and former minister has created a storm in France by posting a picture of a veiled woman sitting on a beach and criticising it as an “attack on our culture”.

Nadine Morano, a close ally of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, took a picture of the woman wearing a headscarf and posted it on her Twitter feed and Facebook page next to a famous photo of sex symbol Brigitte Bardot wearing a bikini.


French mayor banned Muslim hijab on beach

Source : France 24 / 15 Jul 2014

After two mothers wearing Muslim hijabs, or headscarves, were refused access to a beach in the French municipality of Wissous, its regional government of Essone on Saturday legally challenged Wissous’ ban on the wearing of religious symbols.


European rights court upholds French 'burqa ban'

Source : France 24 / 02 Jun 2014

France’s law banning women from wearing face-covering veils in public is not discriminatory, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday.


Baby-Loup hijab ban upheld by appeals court

Source : France 24 / 26 Jun 2014

A French court has upheld the controversial sacking of a childcare worker who wore a headscarf to work.

In a case that has gripped France for five years, a Paris appeals court ruled on November 27 that the dismissal of nursery worker Fatima Afif was legal.


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