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Muslims in New Zealand

Muslim woman aspires to become New Zealand lawmaker

Source : World Bulletin / 17 Jun 2014

Anjum Rahman, mother of four, is a candidate for the New Zealand Labour Party in the upcoming September general elections.

She unsuccessfully stood for the Hamilton City Council last year. If chosen this year, she will be the first veiled Muslim lawmaker in New Zealand history.


Opinion: New Zealand should tap into growing Muslim tourism market

Source : Ear-Halal / 06 May 2014

New Zealand has the potential to tap into a rapidly growing Muslim tourism market, says a tourism expert. Also known as “halal tourism”, Kiwi operators and hospitality providers are being encouraged to supply services that comply with Islamic beliefs and practices. Around 50,000 Muslim tourists from Indonesia and Malaysia travel to New Zealand each year, but experts say there’s still room for growth.


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