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Muslim women

Well-off Pak women drawn to conservative Islam

By The News | London | 13 Apr 2012

Wealthy, educated and modern Pakistani women are increasingly embracing the trend for religious inquiry and observance, said The Guardian in a report published on Tuesday.


Lift the Niqab Ban

By Asad Latif | Iviews | 9 Feb 2012

In many nations, Niqab has been banned. And there is a growing apprehension in some others that it should be banned, citing various reasons - ranging from security threat to women's oppression. They look over it condescendingly, misconstruing that it oppresses women.


Islamophobia in Canada: A Primer

By Fathima Cader & Sumayya Kassamali |New Socialist| 1 Feb 2012

The high-profile Shafia quadruple-murder trial and the media coverage of the trial and its verdict make this article very timely. They only confirm the authors' argument that the Islamophobic outlook sees Muslims as uniquely sexist and violent. -- NSW


My Hijab, My Identity, My Freedom

By Khalida Jamilah |Source:

Female teenagers tend to define themselves by physical appearance like fashion, hairstyle, favorite music, or the most up-to-date gadget like iPad. Popular culture celebrities, especially those who come from Hollywood or appear in their favorite Disney channel become an idol for most of American teenagers.


French women groups oppose FIFA decision to allow hijab

By By James M. Dorsey |Muslim Women News| 5 Jajn 2012

Three French women’s organizations have expressed concern and disappointment with world soccer body FIFA’s endorsement of a proposal to lift the ban on women players wearing a hijab, an Islamic hair dress, on the pitch.


Targeting Niqabis: The Canadian Citizenship Niqab Ban

By Waleed Ahmed |Muslimmatters| 27 Dec 2011

Well, they’ve done it yet again. Niqabi’s have somehow managed to make headlines all across Canada. It’s amazing how much influence this small group of women have on the national psyche. A few weeks ago I mentioned the niqab rage incident in Mississauga. Then there is the on going case of the woman who was sexually assaulted and wants to testify in court with a niqab. This week, the niqab issue was brought up once again.


Jail sentence for French Niqabi

By Iman Khalaf /Muslimmatters|/ 26 Dec 2011

A 32-year old mother is set to become the first woman imprisoned by the French government following its introduction of the niqab ban in April. Hind Ahmas, courageously flying the flag for women’s freedom, was first arrested on 11th April in Paris. She refused to pay the £100 fine and abide by the court’s sentence that she spend 15 days learning citizenship.


Qur’an school in Syria empowering women

by Kamran Pasha
Source: Huffington Post

Women have been the heart and backbone of Islam from its beginnings. From the courage of Khadija, Prophet Muhammad’s first wife and first convert, to the scholarship and fiery independence of his later wife Aisha; from the political genius of Muslim queens such as Egypt’s Shajarat al-Dur and India’s Nur Jahan to the spiritual wisdom of female saints such as Rabia of Basra, Islam has been shaped and guided by the feminine hand since its earliest days.


The Blessing of being Pregnant

Once a woman has confirmed her pregnancy, she should express her gratitude before Allah Ta’ala as this is indeed a great bounty of Allah Ta’ala. This is such a boon that many people beseech Allah Ta’ala throughout their lives for pious children but Allah Ta’ala has destined otherwise.


Why women must not travel alone


Source:By Adil Salahi/Arab News/Nov.24/2011

Abu Saeed Al-Khudri, an Ansari companion of the Prophet (peace be upon him) who was very close to him said: I heard the Prophet mentioning four things that I admired: That a woman must not travel a distance of two days unless she is accompanied by her husband or a mahram relative; two days are not allowed to fast which are the two days of Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha; no voluntary prayer may be offered after two obligatory ones: After Asr until the sun has set and after Fajr until the sun has risen; travel may be undertaken only to three mosques: the Sacred Mosque (in Makkah), this mosque of mine (in Madinah) and the Aqsa mosque (in Jerusalem). (Related by Al-Bukhari)


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