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Islam in Denmark

Danish policewoman investigated for hugging niqab-wearing protester

A Danish policewoman who hugged a protester wearing the niqab is under investigation, the police complaints body has said.
The unnamed officer hugged the woman at an August demonstration against Denmark's ban on wearing face veils.
Members of the conservative Venstre party made the complaint, arguing the officer should not have been involved.
But the policewoman's lawyer said she acted appropriately in her role as a "dialogue officer".

Denmark set to Lose Millions following Halal Slaughter Ban

Source : Halal Focus / 08 Aug 2014

Denmark is likely to lose millions of dollars in trade and tourism revenues following its ban recently on slaughtering animals in accordance with Islamic standards. Halal (Islamically slaughtered) beef and poultry products are imported in large quantities by Saudi Arabia and neighboring Gulf countries. In fact, around 55 percent of Danish exports to the Kingdom are food-based.


Ban on halal products in Denmark expected to cause financial losses

Source : Al Arabiya / 24 Feb 2014

A recent decision by Denmark’s government to ban the ritual slaughtering of animals is expected to cost the multi-million dollar Danish trade and tourism markets from Gulf states.

Danish exports of halal (in accordance with Islamic law) beef and poultry products are imported in massive quantities by Gulf countries.


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