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Islam in Italy

Attitudes toward Muslims in Italy: survey

Source : Pew Global / 17 Jul 2014

At least half of those surveyed in Italy, Greece and Poland say they have a negative opinion of the Muslims who live in their country. Public opinion is divided on this question in Spain, while in Germany and the UK a majority says they have positive views of Muslims. The most favorable ratings are registered in France (72% favorable), which among the seven nations surveyed has the highest percentage of Muslims in the national population.


Venice looks set to welcome Museum of Islamic Art

By Lucia Guarano / Al Arabiya / 05 Mar 2014 

Venice looks set to welcome a new Museum of Islamic Art in the heart of the tourist getaway. The plan is in its decisive stage following a top Italian Government delegation visit to the UAE and Qatar in February during which the initiative was discussed as part of long-term investment in Italy.


Islamic museum plan for Venice gets mixed reactions

Source : World Bulletin / 08 Feb 2014 

The Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta has announced his plan to establish an Islamic museum in the historic city of Venice.

During a trip to Doha, Letta said that the Italian government ''made a commitmentto explore the opportunity to build an Islamic museum in Venice on the Grand Canal''.


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