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Impressive Mosque in Riyadh Combines Contemporary and Traditional Elements

The King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) Grand Mosque, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, combines modern elements with the traditional interpretation of mosques in the desert environment of Saudi Arabia.


Multi-billion dollar metro project begins in Saudi Arabia

Source : Al Arabiya with Reuters / 07 Apr 2014

Saudi Arabia has begun construction work on its long awaited first metro rail system in the capital Riyadh.

The multi-billion project will involve six rail lines extending 176 kilometers and carrying electric, driverless trains, in what Saudi officials project to be the world's largest public transport system.


Saudi capital ranked among most polluted cities globally

By Sharif Taha / 12 Mar 2014

Riyadh has been ranked one of the most polluted cities in the world, according a report released by a United Nations organization.

The World Health Organization (WHO) report named Ahvaz, the capital of the Khuzestan Province in Iran, to be suffering the worst levels of air pollution, followed by Ulan Bator in Mongolia.


Riyadh metro to be 73 km underground

By Abdullah Al-Ansari / 24 Jan 2014

More than 73.4 km of the metro in the capital would be underground.

One of the world's largest metro projects, this automatic driverless network will be over 170 km and have 87 stations on six lines, and is scheduled for completion in 2018, said the High Commission for the Development of Riyadh (HCDR).


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