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I listened to my inner voice to become Muslim

Source : / 26 Nov 2013

Abdul Aziz was born Jermaine Boddy and was raised in Charleston, West Virginia, United States, as a Baptist Christian as were his parents and their forefathers. Here below, he narrates how he was drawn toward Islam and became a Muslim:

As a youth I attended Church and Sunday School regularly until my adolescent years when girls and running around suddenly became more important to me. I consider myself as “sinful” when I was on the street, but I was always conscious of Allah — or, I may say God in those days — and used to ask forgiveness on occasions for my sinful deeds in vain by the way I had been taught, “in the name of Jesus,” may Allah forgive me.


The Only Living Sahabi : Video

The last Sahabi alive. The last good fellow alive. This is how they call this tree located in the inhospitable desert in northern Jordan.

A caravan going to Syria sat down under its shadow. Muhammad, the future Prophet of Islam (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), was travelling with the caravan. He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was as young as nine years old and was accompanying his uncle Abu Talib.


Is religion fading in Britain?

By Muhammad Abdul Bari | Al Jazeera| 22 Dec 2011

A groundbreaking social survey seems to suggest ‘yes’, but there is still a role for faith in our lives, argues author.


Islam and orthodox Christianity

Theological grounds of good neighborliness

The necessity of interfaith peace-building is discussed a lot in Russia. People speak of it on the state’s top-level. Heads of the largest religious organizations point to the topic. Actually it is no need to dispute about this; this is kind of a perfect matter-of-fact. And when officials hold forums where the first persons take part, the first persons say nice and right things to one another.


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