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Losing Jerusalem

By Ajaz Ahmed | IslamiCity | 12 May 2012

Visiting Jerusalem is up for debate now, and it's good that it is being taken up and understood now. The question is not whether to visit Jerusalem or not, rather it is visiting it under Israeli's occupation. Islamic scholars have different opinions on this, all of which are respected.


The rediscovery of Islam by Muslims and its global impact

By P.K. Abdul Ghafour | ArabNews | Jeddah | 6 May 2012

There is a new Islamic awakening all over the world and Muslims are slowly returning to their roots, said the editor in chief of Radiance Islamic weekly of India.


We are all under Tel Aviv’s feet

By Ali Bluwi | ARAB NEWS | 7 Feb 2012

RIYADH: Many countries have benefited from fighting extremism and terrorism, and several of these countries claim to have arrested terrorist cells. Interestingly, some governments were instrumental in certain explosions to create the impression among people that were it not for their government’s intolerance of foreign immigrations, people’s lives would have been less safe.


Shariah in America: Not What You Think It Is

By Abdul Malik Mujahid
The Chair of the Council for a Parliament of the World Religions

You might have seen a government-required sign at a McDonald's restroom telling employees to wash their hands. Muslims do this as a part of living their faith, which is part of Shariah. The Prophet Muhammad also encouraged Muslims to wash their hands before and after eating. Muslim parents raise their children on many such manners.


Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims

By Divya Talwar |BBC Asian Network| 16 Jan 2012

The use of Sharia, or Islamic religious law, is growing in Britain, with thousands of Muslims using it to settle disputes each year, but women's groups and some others are objecting.


Islam in America: Everything You've Always Wanted to Know -- But Were Afraid to Ask

By Daniel Tutt | Huffingtonpost | 13 Jan 2012

One of the more unfortunate outcomes of the anti-mosque protests, anti-sharia legislation and the impact of the Islamophobia network is that they have left many Americans confused about the truth of Islam and Muslims in America.


From humble beginnings to global success for Muslim sitcom

By Sonya Bell | TheNational | 9 Jan 2012

The concept was radical in its non-radicalness: a television series about Muslims who were neither extremist nor oppressed.


NZ Muslims Want Place on World List

By OnIslam & News Agencies | 1 Jan 2012

WELLINGTON – New Zealand's Muslims are pushing to include their rugby superstar Sonny Bill Williams into the list of the world's 500 most influential Muslims to show the diversity of their community in the country.


Where is Christ in the modern Christmas?

By Ayman Oweida | Montreal Gazette | 24 Dec 2011

Growing up as a Muslim in Canada, I was fascinated by the enormous amount of attention given to ensuring the Christmas spirit is in the air at this time of year.


A third of India’s Muslims say they are suffering

By Suryatapa Bhattacharya|The National | 19 Dec 2011

NEW DELHI // A third of India’s 140 million Muslims say they are suffering and pessimistic about their future – the worst of three ratings in a survey of Indian life.


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