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Islam in India

Indian Music Composer Embraces Islam

Source : MuslimSandtheWorld / 21 May 2014

Yuvan Shankar Raja is a leading Indian singer, song-writer, music composer and occasional lyricist from Chennai, India. He has been a noted music scorer for the Tamil film industry and was the youngest son of the reputed music composer Ilaiyaraaja. Beginning his musical career in 1996, at the age of 16 he has seen success through out his career. Within a span of 15 years, Yuvan Shankar Raja has worked over 100 movies and is one of the most sought after music directors in the South Indian Tamil Film Industry.


Supreme Court gives Muslims right to adopt a child

Source : Times of India / 20 Feb 2014

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court has given Muslims the right to adopt a child despite their personal law prohibiting it.

The apex court said on Wednesday that the laws of land has to get primacy over personal law till the country achieves Uniform Civil Code as provided in Article 44 of the Constitution.


Famous Indian Composer Reverts to Islam

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 11 Feb 2014

A famous Indian composer has revealed that he has reverted to Islam, adding that he is proud of the decision which got his family’s support.

"Yes, I follow Islam and I'm proud about it. Alhamdhulillah,” Yuvan Shankar Raja posted on Twitter, Times of India reported on Monday, February 10.


International Imam-i Rabbani symposium starts in Istanbul

Source : World Bulletin / 16 Nov 2013

An international symposium named after a prominent Islamic scholar, Imam-ı Rabbani, launched on Friday in Istanbul. Known as the “reviver of the second millennium”, the Indian Islamic scholar brings the messages, rejuvenating Islam beyond centuries.

A three-day symposium organized by the Aziz Mahmut Hudayi Foundation and Istanbul Sufi Studies Center started with an opening ceremony at the Halic Congress Center. Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate President Mehmet Gormez, Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek and Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag were also in the attendance at the ceremony along with more than 40 academicians around the world.


Allama Iqbal: Pakistan's ideological founder

Source : World Bulletin / 13 Nov 2013

Sir Muhammad Iqbal, commonly known as Allama Iqbal, is a celebrated classical poet, philosopher and politician whose vision inspired millions of people – not only on the Indian subcontinent but around the world.

Born November 9, 1877 to a middle-class family in Sialkot, a city that borders the Himalayan region of Kashmir, Iqbal is considered one of the most important figures in Urdu and Persian literature.


South Africa: Many Muslims, One Islam

By Suraya Dadoo / 11 Nov 2013

With over 40 million people, eleven national languages, nine provinces, and landscapes that cover the extremes of the deserts and savannas to the beauty of snow-capped mountains,South Africa truly encapsulates diversity.

The country’s biggest asset is its people—a rainbow nation with a rich and diverse culture. At last count, there were over 40 million people in South Africa. Of these, 76.7% classified themselves as African, 10.9% as white, 8.9% as colored, and 2.6% as Indian/Asian.


Qur’an Courts Relief India Muslim Women

By Shuriah Niazi / 28 Sep 2013

Voicing complaints about male-dominated Shari`ah courts, a leading activist women group has established new Qur’an courts for Indian Muslim women, offering legal aid and speedy justice to disadvantaged, poor women.
“We shall try to ensure that the women get justice,” Saifia Akhtar of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Sangathan (Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan BMMA), told


How Islam Spread in India

Source : / 2 Apr 2013

Today, there are over 500 million Muslims throughout the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh), making it one of the largest population centers of Muslims in the world. Since Islam first entered India, it has contributed greatly to the area and its people. Today, numerous theories about how India came to be such a largely Muslim land exist. Politically, some (such as the Hindutva movement in India) try to make Islam seem foriegn to India, by insisting it only exists because of invasions by Arab and Persian Muslims. The truth, however, is far from that.


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