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Ramadan recipes: Egyptian grandmother’s old school kunafa

Believed to have originated in the Levant, kunafa is said to have been introduced to what is now known as Egypt during the era of the Fatimids.
However, if you spent any time at all in my grandmother’s household, you would think that she herself invented the deliciously crunchy dessert, she is such an expert.
She often tells me of how, when growing up in Cairo, she would purchase the dough from a street-side man swirling the batter round and round on a drum-like furnace made of clay.

Benefits of Red Fruits

Source : / 12 Apr 2013

Red fruits  have great health benefits. They are known to protect from various health conditions including prevention of cardiovascular diseases and reduction of cancer risks. The color red has long been associated with strength, health and passion. The red group of Fruits are rich in iron and potassium.


Top 10 healthiest foods

By Laura Holland / 1 Apr 2013

Efficiency, as economic theory tells us, is key - and here's a list of the 10 healthiest foods on the planet to get you started. If you begin eating these foods, you can be sure that you are getting efficient nutrition - better health with the least amount of effort.

The list is compiled from a selection of sources from the US and Europe, including nutritionists and dieticians from Medical News Today and Forbes magazine.


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