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Salahuddin Ayubi and the Battle of Hittin

Source : History of Islam / 19 Feb 2014

Salahuddin, perhaps the most celebrated of Muslim soldiers after Ali ibn Abu Talib (r), was a man who molded history with his iron will. His accomplishment in evicting the Crusaders from Palestine and Syria are well known. What is less well known is his achievement in welding a monolithic Islamic body politic, free of internal fissures, which offered the Muslims, for a brief generation, the opportunity to dominate global events. It was the generation of Salahuddin that not only recaptured Jerusalem, but also laid the foundation of an Islamic Empire in India and briefly contained the Crusader advance in Spain and North Africa.


Salahuddeen - the vanquisher of the Crusaders

Source : / 30 Mar 2013

He was one of the Muslim heroes who lived in the sixth Hijri century (the twelfth Gregorian century).

He managed to unite the Islamic nation and put Egypt, Levant, and Iraq under his reign in one of the greatest Islamic eras.


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