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Imam Hamzat Bek. Struggle for the faith and people.

Imam Hamzat-bek (The Caucasian war)

Hold on, don’t be in rush,

You bunch of gold slaves.

Dwell in patience, sit in hush,

For Hamzat is keen to wreck your world.

                        Ali-hajji from Inkho

Hamzat-bek was born in a village of Gotsatl, in a family of Aliskandi, a brave and wise highlander, famous for his sense of justice. Aliskandi was a vizier for Khunzakh khans, particularly for Uma-khan, known as a man of great intellect. Being a good diplomat Aliskandi played a considerable role in settling relationships with the Persian Shah, who had threatened the Dagestan territory by war.  


A Wrestling Culture That Helps Keep Boys Away From Fighting

Dagestan, a mostly Muslim region in the south of Russia on the northwest coast of the Caspian Sea, is known for the stark beauty of its mountain landscapes, for its many small ethnic groups, for a violent and long-simmering Islamist insurgency — and for its wrestlers.
Thousands of young boys here dream of becoming famous and honored wrestlers, like the many lithe and muscly Olympic champions who came before them. Buvaisar Saitiev won three gold medals, for example, and Mavlet Batirov two.

More than 113 thousand manuscript pages digitized in Dagestan

One year has passed since Russia's tycoon Ziyavudin Magomedov's Peri Charitable Foundation began implementing manuscripts digitization project with the Dagestani Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RIA Novosti news agency reports. 
To date, 493 manuscripts with a total of 113173 scanned sheets have already been digitized. All manuscripts are dust-free and cleaned.

Yemeni student’s adventures in Russia

Interview with an Arab student from Yemen, Rafiq Muhammad Salih Al – Humaid.

An Arab student from Yemen Rafiq Muhammad Salih Al - Humaid, a physicist by profession, is studying at Dagestan State University. He came from Yemen five years ago. He graduated from the Masters program here, and after that pursues post graduate degree. In an interview today he shares with our readers his  impressions about Russia and Russians, and talks about his studies and homesickness.


Dagestan collects 250,000 rubles for children with cancer

Source : Vestnik Kavkaza / 18 Feb 2014

The Life for Children charity has collected about 250,000 rubles on the first day of the TV marathon to help children with cancer, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

Elvira Kurbanova, 12, from Kaspiysk needs at least a million rubles for treatment. In her letter, she says that she was sent to the Institute of Children’s Hematology and Transplantology in St. Petersburg. One pack of anti-fungus medicaments costs 43,000 rubles and she needs two packs a month. Her family cannot afford the treatment.


Nadezhda Rehabilitation Center opens in Dagestan

Source : Vestnik / 27 Dec 2013

The Nadezhda Rehabilitation Center for disabled children has opened in Makhachkala (Dagestan), its Director Marat Khanbalayev announced, ITAR-TASS reports.

The center will be used to organize recreation, health-improvement and social rehabilitation, Dagestani Minister for Labour and Social Development Malik Bagliyev said.


Dagestan and RusHydro sign cooperation agreement

Source : Vestnik / 24 Dec 2013

RusHydro and Dagestan signed a cooperation agreement yesterday, reports.

Yevgeny Dod, Chairman of the Board of RusHydro, said that the document will boost development of hydro energy in the republic and will cover the region’s debt of 720 million rubles to RusHydro.


United by Islam - interview with Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi

You know how it happens: you are walking on the street, sunk in thought, taking no notice of the things around you, and all of sudden, as if you would wake up for an instance, you catch a phrase - a single phrase of a stranger, a single sentence out of somebody’s dialog. And it turns out to be the words that you were predestined to hear; the answer to the question that has been bothering you.

The words of a teacher are not the words of a stranger. The question asked might be of no concern of yours but the answer unexpectedly is. In this answer you will find the solution of your problem.


Tariqas in Dagestan - by Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi

How many Tariqas are there in Daghestan and are all of them true?
By Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi ad-Daghestani

We have talked about it before that there are different kinds of Tariqas and that every kind of them have definite tasks (Wirds). It was also mentioned that every Tariqa has its Imam, like the four Mazhabs, and that not everyone has the right to teach Tariqa.


Jadidies and Wahhabies - religious disputes in Dagestan in early 20th century

Hafiz-Hajji from Ukhli (Dagestan) on wahhabites and jadids

By Sh. Sh. Shikhaliyev, Institute for History, Archeology and Etnography of the Scientific Center of Dagestan, Russian Academy of Sciences, Makhachkala

The main purpose of this article is to demonstrate on the example of a peculiar source the religious disputes taking place in Dagestan in the beginning of the 20th century.


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