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Prophet Khidr

Exhibition in Jeddah depicts life of Prophet (pbuh)

Source : Arab news / 19 Feb 2014

Eight Saudi artists took part in an exhibition under the theme, “This is the Prophet we love,” which showcased more than 107 paintings depicting the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with Arabic calligraphy.

Elements of his life, such as his travels, sayings and family history, were portrayed in the paintings.
The exhibition was held at the Jeddah House of Artists.


What is the ruling for women being taught by a mosque imam?

By Ali-Gomaa.com / 29 June 2013


What is the ruling for women being taught by a mosque imam without a screen separating between them? Some people disapprove of this and claim that it is prohibited.


A Wake-Up Call For Muslim Parents

By Sadaf Farooqi / 9 Apr 2013 

Out of all the hi-fi, over-hyped, glamorized, overpaid and stereotyped careers that make news today, peppered with extensive media attention such as red-carpet awards, talk-shows, exclusive interviews and photo-shoots, the single most important and pivotal occupation a person – especially a woman – can have, is that of being a parent.


The Story of Moses and The Guide

Source : Islamicity.com / 4 Mar 2013

One day, Moses delivered such an impressive sermon that all who heard it were deeply moved. Someone in the congregation asked: "O Messenger of Allah, is there another man on earth more learned than you?" Moses replied: "No!", believing so, as Allah had given him the power of miracles and honored him with the Torah.

However, Allah revealed to Moses that no man could know all there is to know, nor would one messenger alone be the custodian of all knowledge. There would always be another who knew what others did not. Moses asked Allah: "O Allah, where is this man? I would like to meet him and learn from him." He also asked for a sign to this person's identity.


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