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Islam in Saudi Arabia

Taif, the rose capital of Saudi Arabia

By Rima Al-Mukhtar / 12 Jul 2013

Taif is a city that offers a rich culture of history. It is situated on the eastern area of Al-Sarawat Mountains. It is known as the summer capital of Saudi Arabia as people escape the summer heat and flock to this cool, lush city that offers beautiful scenery in a relaxed atmosphere.


Haj in focus amid MERS virus fears

Source : AFP / 29 June 2013

Virologists are casting a worried eye on this year’s Islamic Haj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia as they struggle with the enigmatic, deadly virus known as MERS which is striking hardest in Saudi Arabia.

Little is known about the new pathogen, beyond the fact that it can be lethal by causing respiratory problems, pneumonia and kidney failure. It can be transmitted between humans, but unlike its cousin, the Sars virus, which sparked a scare a decade ago, it does not seem very contagious.


WHO: 75% of coronavirus victims are males

By MD Rasooldeen / 11 June 2013 

The World Health Organization (WHO) said yesterday that 75 percent of new coronavirus cases (MERS-Cov) in the Kingdom were males suffering from serious chronic diseases.

The WHO made this observation in a communique addressed to the Ministry of Health through its office in Riyadh.


Over 550,000 to hone skills at Makkah forum

By Md Al-Sulami / 11 Mar 2013

More than 550,000 young Saudi men and women are expected to participate in the third edition of Makkah Youth Forum 2013, which was launched here yesterday by Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal.

“Youths are makers of the future and it is our duty to prepare them to carry out this mission properly,” the governor said while highlighting the annual forum’s importance.


Freedom fatwa? Saudi cleric says women don’t need to veil, can travel alone

By Al Arabiya / 28 Feb 2013

An influential Saudi cleric has issued a religious edict, commonly known as Fatwa, allowing women to travel without a male guardian, uncover their faces and eat alongside men.

In statements posted on Twitter, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Qassim al-Ghamdi, the former head of Mecca's Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice committee, said: “It is permissible for people to look at what is not forbidden in women like their faces and their arms.”


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