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Media and the Islamic Identity of the Muslim Child

Source : Islam Web / 12 Jul 2014

1- The importance of protecting children from the media invasion and the obliteration of identity: 

Childhood is one of the most important stages in one’s life, because his personality and tendencies are formed during this time, in addition to physical and mental growth.


How to have productive Ramadan with young children

Source : ProductiveMuslim / 03 Jun 2014

Ramadan is our blessed and special month of the year that brings about some lifestyle adjustments. In our home, we try to keep Ramadan simple by not being extravagant and keeping our meals easy. Ramadan only gets complicated when we focus on the worldly part of it, such as the food and entertainment, instead of the essence of it such as the worship and charity. Here are a few methods we use to keep Ramadan special yet simple with young children.


Can a Muslimah Marry a non-Muslim?

Source : / 28 Nov 2013


As salaam alaikum. Is it permissible in the Shafii madhhab for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man who respects her religion?


Top 15 Ramadan drinks and dishes

By Shounaz Mekky / 26 Jul 2013

Food plays a big role in celebrating Ramadan, with specialty dishes and drinks served during the Muslim fasting month.

“Drinks like Jellab, Amar al-Deen and Tamar Hindi are essential during the holy month,” Elie Bassil, project manager at Dubai-based Lebanese restaurant Abdel Wahab, told Al Arabiya.

“Foods with sauces are favored by our visitors in Ramadan. Fasters want to refill their body’s water levels after long hours of fasting,” he added.


A Wake-Up Call For Muslim Parents

By Sadaf Farooqi / 9 Apr 2013 

Out of all the hi-fi, over-hyped, glamorized, overpaid and stereotyped careers that make news today, peppered with extensive media attention such as red-carpet awards, talk-shows, exclusive interviews and photo-shoots, the single most important and pivotal occupation a person – especially a woman – can have, is that of being a parent.


Bilal and the Colourful Butterflies

Source : / 5 Apr 2013

At the weekend, Bilal went to visit his grandfather. The two days passed very quickly, and before Bilal knew it his father had arrived to take him home. Asad said goodbye to his grandfather and went to sit in the car. He was looking out of the window as he waited for his father to collect his things. A butterfly sitting on a flower a short distance away fluttered its wings and flew to the car window.


The Virtue of Nurturing Girls

Source : / 21 Feb 2013

Allah willing, will be about a righteous good deed, and whoever performs it perfectly, according to its required conditions, will attain three things:

First: he will be veiled from Hell and never enter it.

Second: on the Day of the Greatest Terror, (i.e. the Day of Judgment), he will be gathered in the company of the Prophet .

Third: Paradise will be guaranteed for him, where he will be in the company of the Prophet .


Accompany Your Child to the Masjid

By ISWM / 18 Feb 2013

When your child is able to perform prayer as due, or even is able to comprehend prayer before reaching the age of distinction, you should accompany him to the masjid so as to perform congregational prayers. This makes the child’s heart attached to the greatest educational institutions in the Muslim society, imbuing the child with love for the masjid. Thus, the parent should edify his child on the virtue of the congregational prayer and that it is twenty-seven times better than the prayers offered alone, and make him love the masjid by trying to please him, for example, whenever you go to the masjid; you may take a trip or go shopping before or after going to the masjid.


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