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converts to Islam

Student convert to Islam inspired by his teacher

A Beninese student first heard about Islam in his country and was inspired by his teacher in Turkey to convert to Islam.
As part of Turkiye Scholarships, Beninese Thibaut Gbetolossi Gbaguidi, 27, came to Turkey in 2017 to do doctorate in Zoology at Ankara University.
Before he came to Turkey, he used to study at a university in Benin, where he met a group of Muslims for the first time when he was 17.

Dubai Filipino couple converts to Islam and finds peace

Source : The National / 19 Jul 2014

Geraldine Paraiso, 28, could hardly contain her joy and excitement at the prospect of celebrating Eid Al Fitr with her husband at the end of the month.

The Filipino couple has spent each day of Ramadan fasting, praying and enjoying iftar meals at their home in Dubai’s Hor Al Anz area.


How to Convert to Islam and become a muslim?

Source : Quran and Science / 29 May 2014

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Mohammad, His last messenger.


Must tattoos be removed?

Source : ShafiiFiqh / 29 May 2014

Tattoos are haram.

Removing tattoos is obligatory, unless one fears a harm that would warrant dry ablution [tayammum]. If one was a Muslim when they got the tattoo, then they must repent. If one embraced Islam with a tattoo, then past sins were wiped away upon accepting the din; accordingly, the sin of tattooing is forgiven.


Canadian Catholic Discovers Islam

In The Name of Allah (God), Most Gracious, Most Merciful

...This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam ( those who submit to God ) as your religion...( Holy Qur'an, 5:3)

The Roman Catholic religion is dictated by the Pope from the top down to the priests at the bottom. If a Muslim were to walk into a Catholic church, it would be like walking into a different world. He would find row upon row of pews in which the worshipers sit, stained glass windows with perhaps scenes of the last supper or the Messiah carrying a cross, etc. On the front wall in all churches is the Messiah on a cross and below is an altar where the priest delivers his Sunday sermon. In some older churches, you may even find magnificent statue figures of Jesus, saints, Mary the mother of Jesus and so on. Church services are mainly repetitive rituals, singing, and prayers to Jesus or Mary or God and sometimes to saints. This is the type of world in which I lived and grew up most of my life.


My way to Islam

By Lamaan Ball / 26 Jul 2013

Some people who convert to Islam prefer to call it a reversion because everyone is born in a natural state of Islam – submission to the will of God – and rather than converting away from something they assert that coming to accept Islam is reverting to that human original state.

In my case this is doubly so.


The story of Maurice Bucaille’s inspiring conversion to Islam

Maurice Bucaille was born to a French parent and, like his family, he grew up a Christian. After his secondary education, he joined Faculty of Medicine, France University. Later, he became the most renowned and cleverest surgeon ever in modern France, but a story happened to change his life completely.

France is known for its unique interest in archeology and heritage. When French Socialist President François Mitterrand assumed power in 1981, France asked Egypt, late in the 80’s, for the mummy of Egypt’s pharaoh so that it would conduct a string of monumental and processing experiments. Actually the body of Egypt’s most notorious tyrant was transferred to France, and, strangely, the French president and his ministers as well as senior officials in the country lined up near the plane carrying the pharaoh’s body and bowed down to him as if he were still alive!


We invite you to Islam

Greetings of peace!

We are glad that you are visiting this page of our website. It is this click that can change your life in the best way. Why? Because we want to invite you to Islam!

Today we often hear that someone embraced Islam.

But why? What does this mean? Why did he do it? What did it gave him? - After reading this article, with God’s help you will get the answers to these questions.


Meet the ex-Hindu who converted 108,000 people to Islam

By Shah.Hasan / 12 Feb 2013

Such are Deen Mohammad Shaikh’s powers of persuasion that he has converted 108,000 people to Islam since 1989, the year he left his birth religion Hinduism behind.

His multi-coloured business card describes the Matli dweller as the president of the Jamia Masjid Allah Wali and Madrassa Aisha Taleem-ul Quran – an institute for conversions to Islam.

The reedy 70-year-old brandishes an embellished cane. A red-and-white keffeiyah perched on his shoulder offers people a hint to his theological leanings.


The real story about Ex-Christian from UK

By Bruce Paterson / 29 Dec 2012

I would like to take the opportunity to share with you my journey to Islam and I feel that by sharing this experience with you I can help you on your journey through life. We are all born into different cultures, countries and religions in what often seems a confusing and troubled world. Actually, when we examine the world around us, we can easily see what a troubled state it is in: war, poverty and crime. Need I go on? Yet when we look at our own upbringing and our education, how can we be sure that all the things that we have been told, are in reality the truth?


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