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Scientists have identified the most harmful sleeping position

Experts from the us Mayo clinic found out what posture is to sleep the most harmful. It is reported portal Bustle with reference to relevant research.


Japan's women enjoy top for life expectancy

Source : AFP / 17 May 2014

Life expectancy in the globe's poorest countries has risen by an average of nine years over the past two decades, thanks to major improvements in infant health, the UN said.

In its annual statistics, the UN's World Health Organization (WHO) said that six of the countries had even managed to raise life expectancy to over 10 years between 1990 and 2012.


Turkish scientists create 'talking hands' for deaf

Source : AA / 22 Apr 2014

Two young Turkish scientists have built a prototype of "talking gloves" that translate sign language into vocal language, helping people with hearing and speech impairments make their voices heard. 


New species of scorpion discovered in Turkey

Source : Buyuyenturkiye.com / 30 Nov 2013

A new species of scorpion was discovered in Antalya and Muğla province of southwest Turkey.

A new species of scorpion was discovered in Antalya and Muğla province of southwest Turkey, in an area that was once known as Lycia. The scorpion was named Euscorpius lycius, because of its location.


Camels, well known in Arctic circles

By Matt Kwong / 16 Mar 2013

Everyone knows the camel as the ship of the desert - but new research is pointing towards its ancient ancestors actually being far more used to the cold of the north Canadian forests and the fat in the hump was essential for surviving in such a harsh climate, as Matt Kwong reports.

Think of camels, and the chances are that the image you conjure up is of magnificent, if surly, beasts trudging steadily across a sweltering desert dune. They are, in the minds of most people, inextricably connected with some of the hottest places on Earth.


Second-hand smoke increases dementia risk

Source : Presstv 18 Jan 2013

Researchers suggest that people exposed to environmental tobacco smoke are threatened by increasing risk of severe dementia syndromes.

Passive smoking, also known as ‘second-hand’ smoke, can cause neurological disease of dementia besides cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, according to the recent study conducted by the researchers from Anhui Medical University in China and King's College London.


Endless Debate on Mobile Radiation

By David Njagi / 28 Dec 2012

The noise over whether the human race is at risk of radiation from cell phone use is as divisive as it is elusive, but lately, some countries like Kenya appear to be taking notice.

Last September, the Kenyan government made a landmark ruling banning the sale of counterfeit phones, a move that raised the concern of the scientific community about the health hazards on people holding the gadget; this could be a trap - electromagnetic radiation looks to be one of them.


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