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Sufi shaykhs

Sheikh Zaynullah Sharif Rasulev - eminent Muslim scholar and spiritual guide

Zainullah bin Habibullah bin Rasul, also known as Zainulla-ishan - is Russian religious figure, spiritual guide. He was born March 25, 1833 in the village of Sharipovo Orenburg province (now Uchalinsky district of Bashkortostan) in the family of a religious figure.

International Imam-i Rabbani symposium starts in Istanbul

Source : World Bulletin / 16 Nov 2013

An international symposium named after a prominent Islamic scholar, Imam-ı Rabbani, launched on Friday in Istanbul. Known as the “reviver of the second millennium”, the Indian Islamic scholar brings the messages, rejuvenating Islam beyond centuries.

A three-day symposium organized by the Aziz Mahmut Hudayi Foundation and Istanbul Sufi Studies Center started with an opening ceremony at the Halic Congress Center. Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate President Mehmet Gormez, Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek and Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag were also in the attendance at the ceremony along with more than 40 academicians around the world.


Ghaus - a - Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani R.A

Source : / 24 June 2013

One day a very pious and humble man was making Ibaadat by a river. He was very hungry, as he had not eaten for three days and three nights. Just then he noticed an apple floating in the river, in his direction. He reached out and took this apple and ate it. After he had eaten the apple, this pious man whose name was Sayyidi Abu Saaleh, realised that he had ate someone else’s apple for it did not belong to him. He decided to go in search of the owner of this apple. He walked alongside the river for a long time until he reached an orchard that had an apple tree. He immediately knew that the apple had come from this orchard.


Shaykh Hassan-Afandi al-Kahibi - a knower of the revealed and the concealed

To be entitled to fully estimate the meaning of such an outstanding personality as Shaykh Hassan-Afandi al-Kahibi, one should first exceed the latter in his knowledge.

Due to our scarce knowledge in comparison to that of the Shaykh and thus our unworthiness to write about him, we can merely mention some facts from his life in our striving to please Allah and His Messenger. In this article the least thing we can do is to tell about the great teachers and masters who nourished the knowledge and the character of Hassan-Afandi, to describe his spiritual legacy and to cite what the theologians of the past and the present used to say about the Shaykh.


Hassan Al-Basri, a beacon of knowledge

Hassan Al-Basri (21-110 A.H.) emerged as one of th e greatest theologian tutor of Basra, leader of the scholars of his time and well known for his strict and encompassing embodiment of the Sunnah. He is also famous for his immense knowledge, fearless remonstration of the authorities with power of attraction in discourse and as the adviser to Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz.


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