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Russia to build two nuclear plants in Iran

Source : World Bulletin / 03 Sep 2014

Russia will build two new nuclear power plants in Iran, says the head of Iran's nuclear energy institution.

Semi-official Fars News Agency on Saturday quoted Ali Akbar Salehi, the chairman of Iran Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI), as saying that Moscow and Tehran would soon sign a deal for the construction of the new nuclear plants in southern coastal province, Bushehr.


Iran to get $2.8 billion during extended talks

Source : Reuters / 19 Jul 2014

Iran will be allowed to access an additional $2.8 billion of its frozen assets during a 4-month period of extended talks with six powers on its nuclear program but most sanctions against Tehran will remain in place, the United States said on Saturday.


Russia May Sign Agreement to Build 8 Reactors in Iran

Source : RIA / 24 May 2014

Moscow may sign an intergovernmental agreement with Teheran this year to build eight new reactors for nuclear power plants in Iran, a source close to the negotiations told journalists Thursday.

Two reactors could be


U.S. releases $450 million of frozen Iranian funds

Source : Reuters / 18 Apr 2014

The United States has taken steps to release a $450 million installment of frozen Iranian funds following a report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verifying that Iran is living up to its part of a landmark nuclear pact with world powers, the U.S. State Department said on Thursday.


Iran and Iraq drive 15% global rise in executions

Source : France24 with AP / 02 Apr 2014

The number of known executions around the world rose almost 15 percent in 2013, with the spike due in part to more executions in Iran and Iraq, a new Amnesty International report says.

The report released by the London-based rights group on Wednesday comes on the heels of a decision this week by an Egyptian court to sentence to death 529 alleged supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The group has called the action “grotesque”.


Iran may become top gas importer by 2025, says official

Source : Reuters / 03 Mar 2014

Iran is on course to become the world’s largest importer of natural gas by 2025 unless it can rein in rampant domestic demand, the head of research at the country’s energy ministry told a conference in Tehran.

Iran sits on the world’s largest gas reserves, according to estimates by BP, and Iranian energy officials have boasted for years about becoming a top gas exporter soon.


Shanghai hosting Iranian cultural, artworks exhibition

Source : Presstv / 21 Dec 2013

An exhibition of Iranian cultural works has kicked off in China to introduce various aspects of ancient Persian culture and the nation’s civilization.

The cultural exhibition began its activity during a ceremony held at Shanghai’s Changning Library on December 19, 2013.


Iran plans to build a pipeline to carry gas

Source : Reuters / 14 Dec 2013

Iran plans to build a pipeline to carry Iranian gas to European countries that want to import its gas, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yıldız said during a meeting yesterday.

“We know Iran plans to build a big pipeline to carry gas to Europe and five European countries have already planned to buy Iranian gas,” Yıldız said, without giving any details about the route of the planned pipeline.

“As long as Iran develops more ties with the world, its relations with Turkey will also improve,” he added.


Official: U.S. unfreezes $8 bn of Iranian assets

Source : Al Arabiya with Reuters / 26 Nov 2013 

Former head of Iran’s chamber of commerce Alinaqi Khamoushi told the official IRNA news agency on Sunday that the United States has released about $8 billion of the Islamic republic’s frozen assets.

“The agreement will open a new path towards Iran,” Khamoushi told IRNA, after Iran and the six world powers signed a breakthrough agreement to restraint Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for limited sanctions relief.


Israel seeks destruction of Iran: Mark Glenn

Source : Presstv / 16 Nov 2013

Fearing the independence and stability of the Islamic Republic in the Middle East, the Israeli regime seeks Iran’s “destruction,” a political commentator tells Press TV.

In an interview with Press TV on Thursday, Mark Glenn, an American author and journalist, described Iran as the “only stable” Middle Eastern country, which as opposed to other regional states, is not dependant on the United States and Israel “for money and for military supplies.”


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