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Chechnya tops statistics for children’s health

The head of the Chechen Republic has announced plans to make sport a way of life in the region, saying that children should be encouraged to exercise by example rather than formal demands.
In a recent interview with RIA Novosti, Kadyrov said that the very first steps taken by Chechen authorities after the end of the war with terrorists had been aimed at improving the health of the Chechen people, and its children in particular.

35,000 tourists visited Chechnya in 2013

Source : Vestnik Kavkaza / 07 Feb 2014

About 35,000 Russian and foreign tourists visited Chechnya in 2013, compared with 7,000 in 2011, according to Ellina Batayeva, Head of the Chechen Governmental Committee for Tourism, Grozny Inform reports.

Four hotels opened in Chechnya in 2013, making a total of 16 in the republic. Chechen hotels have a capacity of over 1,000 rooms.


Islam comes to the classroom in Russia's Chechnya

Source : Reuters | 22 Oct 2012

At school No. 20 in Russia's troubled region of Chechnya, boys sit on one side of the classroom and girls in headscarves on the other. All are silent as the new teacher rises to speak.


Dinosaur eggs said found in Russia’s Chechnya

By Reuters | Grozny | 17 Apr 2012

Geologists in Russia’s volatile Chechnya region have discovered what they believe to be fossilized dinosaur eggs laid by one of the huge extinct reptiles that roamed the Earth more than 60 million years ago.

“We’ve found about 40 eggs so far, the exact number has not been established,” said Said-Emin D zhabrailov, a geologist at the Chechen State University.

“There could be many more laying under the ground.”


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