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Benefits of Red Fruits

Source : / 12 Apr 2013

Red fruits  have great health benefits. They are known to protect from various health conditions including prevention of cardiovascular diseases and reduction of cancer risks. The color red has long been associated with strength, health and passion. The red group of Fruits are rich in iron and potassium.


Blessings of Allah

Source : Harun Yahya / 3 Jan 2013 

Oxygen, water, food, sunlight, day and night: your body needs these elements. And along with these, there are beauties which your soul finds pleasure in such as a beautiful view, a pleasant face to look at, or a welcoming home.

The world is full of such blessings, but some people are just not aware of them. They are so caught up in their own troubles that they don't see the wonders of the world. The reason for this negative spiritual state is their life remote from God's religion, and their state of disbelief. A troubled life is the inescapable result of a life not lived according to religious morals.


New Hope for Cancer Prevention & Cure

By Amira Ayad | Onislam | 24 Apr 2012

Since the dawn of civilization, human beings learnt the benefits of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. The purpose wasn’t only nourishment or energy production, but also for cure and healing. In our modern time, science has recognised the medicinal benefits of such plants.


Citrus: A hidden cure for cancer?

By Afra Naushad | ArabNews | 24 Mar 2012

In what could turn out to be the biggest medical breakthrough in the field of cancer treatment, this article intends to discuss the profile of a fruit that has long exhibited amazing healing potential, yet has remained largely ignored.


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