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Giraffes, rhinos ‘mull suicide’ in Egypt amid violence

Source : Al Arabiya / 24 Aug 2013

The political turmoil in Egypt is not just taking a toll on people living through the country’s bloody violence; animals are also feeling the strain.

Giraffes, rhinos, elephants and deer are contemplating suicide, Egyptian newspaper al-Masry al-Youm reported this week, citing gunfire and protester chants as reasons behind the zoo animals’ alleged agony.


Rare white tiger born in Baghdad zoo makes its first appearance

Source : Reuters / 30 Jul 2013

Keepers showed off a rare white Bengal tiger cub that was born in a Baghdad zoo two months earlier.

The cub, with its unusual white and black-striped coat, made its first public appearance at Al Zawra Zoo, playing with other tiger cubs and keepers.

The zoo's deputy director general, Salah Asker, said that the birth was a great conservation achievement.


Pakistan wilts under record heat wave

By Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio / 5 June 2013

Zulekhan Mumtaz has seen her livelihood as a seller of camel milk turn sour because of a brutal heat wave that has left Pakistan sweltering with temperatures up to 51 degrees Celsius.

"My customers say they can no longer buy spoilt milk and squander their money," the 31-year-old said, looking at the clotted yellow liquid.


Evacuation Ordered as Melting Ice Cracks Beneath Arctic Research Station

By Jacob Chamberlain | Agencies | 27 May 2013

A Russian Arctic research station has been forced to evacuate following the discovery that the ice was melting beneath it.

The Russian Arctic research station was expected to last until September, depending on usual ice melting patterns. However, the ice floe on which the research station sat began melting at a faster rate than expected.


Dubai's new hospital a green light for energy efficiency

By Vesela Todorova / 11 Apr 2013

It’s the medical facility that saves the environment as it saves lives – the UAE’s first green hospital was launched in Dubai yesterday.

Not only does the MedHealth Medical Centre, located in Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza), feature a paperless system where patient records are maintained electronically, it is housed in a building designed to be energy and water efficient.


Environmental Protection in Islam

Source : / 22 Mar 2013

Allah has created everything in this universe in due proportion and measure both quantitatively and qualitatively.  Allah has declared in the Quran:

“Verily, all things have We created by measure”(Quran 54:49)

“…Everything to Him is measured.”(Quran 13:8)


Camels, well known in Arctic circles

By Matt Kwong / 16 Mar 2013

Everyone knows the camel as the ship of the desert - but new research is pointing towards its ancient ancestors actually being far more used to the cold of the north Canadian forests and the fat in the hump was essential for surviving in such a harsh climate, as Matt Kwong reports.

Think of camels, and the chances are that the image you conjure up is of magnificent, if surly, beasts trudging steadily across a sweltering desert dune. They are, in the minds of most people, inextricably connected with some of the hottest places on Earth.


Earth Hurtling Towards Temperatures Not Seen in 11,000 Years

By Andrea Germanos | Agencies | 11 Mar 2013

"Under all plausible greenhouse gas emission scenarios," the world is on track to surpass temperatures not seen since the dawn of civilization, according to new research.


Green Tips from the Sunnah

By Sheikh Ahmad Kutty / 1 Mar 2013

Today, the earth is in a deplorable state: greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from our over use of fossil fuels is creating a crisis of epidemic proportions. Rising sea levels are making parts of the world at risk of disappearing into the sea, and the earth is becoming parched and dry making it more or less unsuitable for further cultivation. Isn’t it about time we asked ourselves how we are contributing to this and what we can do to reverse the process?

Fortunately, for us as Muslims, we have in the Prophet of mercy (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), a guide for us in even this. And so let us look to, and allow his daily examples to serve as a source of inspiration, and motivation for us in our attempt to live life green.


Egypt’s Largest Natural Woodland

By Islam Mitsraym / 23 Feb 2013

Have you ever heard of Egypt’s largest natural woodland? It’s Elba Protectorate. This is the largest natural protected area in Egypt, out of her officially declared 29 protectorates so far; it encompasses an area of 35,600 km2 (3,560,000 hectares) at the farthest south east of Egypt.

Elba Protectorate is considered by taxonomists, botanists and ecologists to be the northernmost Afrotropical ecozone on Planet Earth, being located between the latitudes 23.3°N and 22°N in the north hemisphere.


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