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Spreading of Islam

Islamic Information in the Era of Internet

By Maryam Hedayat | | 09 Sept 2014

Recently it has become wide spread to post, share and forward Islamic quotes, Ahadith and Quranic Ayahs through different online services. It is the fastest, easiest as well as the cheapest way to share anything and anywhere. Just a click, and the message can reach to millions.


How Atatürk Made Turkey Secular

Source : / 18 Nov 2013

The evolution of Turkey in the early 1900s is one of the most baffling cultural and social changes in Islamic history. In a few short years, the Ottoman Empire was brought down from within, stripped of its Islamic history, and devolved into a new secular nation known as Turkey. The consequences of this change are still being felt today throughout the Muslim world, and especially in a very polarized and ideologically segmented Turkey.


The Mongol Invasion and the Destruction of Baghdad

Source : / 19 Oct 2013
The 1200s started out looking good for the Islamic world. The Crusaders had been defeated and Jerusalem liberated in 1187, the Ismaili Fatimids had finally been removed from harassing the Muslim world in the mid-1100s, and a powerful Khwarazmian Empire had emerged in Persia. However, all that would soon turn around when the ruthless Mongols would make their way into Southwest Asia. The destruction and devastation they left in their path has scarcely been seen anywhere else in history.


Baghdad: A Center of Learning

By Saulat Pervez / 8 Apr 2013

When we think of Baghdad today, we imagine a war-torn, ravaged city. However, Baghdad has a rich history which the present should not obscure. From the eighth century to the thirteenth century, Baghdad was a metropolis known for intellectual and material prosperity, showcasing numerous libraries, research institutions, thriving universities, magnificent homes, and flourishing businesses.


Islam spread by the message of love and not by the sword

It is a common misconception with some non-Muslims that Islam would not have millions of followers all over the world, if it had not been spread by the use of force.

The following points will make it clear, that far from being spread by the sword, it was the inherent force of truth, reason and logic that was responsible for the rapid spread of Islam.

Islam has always given respect and freedom of religion to all faiths. Freedom of religion is ordained in the Qur'an itself:


Was Islam really spread by the sword?

By Idris Tawfiq |The Egyptian Gazette| 15 Jan 2012

Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions about Islam is that Islam was spread by the sword. This idea has been spread abroad so widely by mischief makers that some people just accept it as a fact.

Even the devil, though, can quote scripture. In other words, anyone can take a verse of scripture out of context from the Bible or the Qur’an and make it seem to represent that religion.


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