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Saudi women

Saleswomen demand English-speaking lessons

By Fadia Jiffry / 31 Dec 2013

Many Saudi female sales representatives working in shops across the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia are demanding English-speaking courses, saying that they are facing communication difficulties when dealing with foreign customers.

Generally, companies operating in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia hire Saudis who can understand and speak English, particularly in jobs that involve interaction with expatriates.


Saudi women spend three times more on clothes than men

By MD Rasooldeen / Arab news / 19 Dec 2013

The average Saudi woman spends three times more on clothes than her male counterpart, a prominent Saudi fashion designer said on Tuesday.

“A Saudi woman spends nearly SR30,000 annually on clothes while a man spends SR10,000 per annum,” Aishah Al-Otaibi said, adding that this was high expenditure compared to some other countries around the world.


Activist urges Saudi women to drive on December 28

Source : Presstv / 5 Dec 2013

A Saudi female activist has called on other women to get behind the wheel again on December 28.

On Wednesday, activist Nasima al-Sada said the call is a "reminder of the right so it is not forgotten," AFP reported.


Saudi woman runs for Jeddah’s Chamber of Commerce board membership

By Nada Altuwaijri / 4 Oct 2013

Not so many women in Saudi Arabia are commonly known for holding leading positions in the kingdom’s booming business sector. But one young Saudi woman is aiming straight for the top.

Rania Salama has launched a campaign to be elected to the board of Jeddah’s Chamber of Commerce, and currently serves as the chair of the Young Businesswomen Committee at the chamber.


Rate of unemployed Saudi women up 2.3% in 2012

By Fadia Giffry / 27 Aug 2013

Unemployment among Saudi women in the private sector increased by 2.3 percent in 2012, according to new statistics release by the Ministry of Labor.

In 2011, there were around 302,000 unemployed Saudi women, while the figure grew to 358,000 in 2012, marking a notable increase, sources told a local daily.


47% of prisoners involved in drug crimes

By Sharif M. Taha / 28 Feb 2013

About 47 percent of the estimated 47,000 inmates in Saudi Arabia’ s prisons are in jail for drug-related crimes, said Director General of Prisons Maj. Gen. Dr. Ali bin Hussain Al-Harthi.

Al-Harthi was responding to reports that over 70 percent of all prisoners have been incarcerated for trafficking and dealing in illicit drugs.


Breakthrough: Saudi women can pass on citizenship to their children

By Al Arabiya / 18 Feb 2013

The Saudi Ministry of Labor and the Passport General Department announced granting Saudi citizenship to children of Saudi women married to foreign men following a new decree, a local newspaper reported Saturday.

The new decree stipulates that the state will pay for the residence fees of children who are half Saudis but from foreign fathers and will allow them to work in Saudi private sector companies, Al-Riyadh newspaper reported.


Women lawyers to be allowed into Saudi courts next month

Source : Arab News | 17 Oct 2012

The Saudi Ministry of Justice will permit women lawyers to practice the legal profession like their male counterparts from early next month.

The expert’s committee of the Council of Ministers sent to the ministry on Saturday the statutes governing entry of women lawyers to Saudi courts, where only men lawyers were allowed in the past.

According to a source, qualified women lawyers can approach the ministry to obtain the mandatory license to practice their profession.


Far-fetched fatwas on the rise

By Tariq A. Al Maeena

To many devout Muslims the world over, certain fatwas released by Islamic clerics in recent times have severely taxed their sensibilities. The western press picks upon such edicts with front page headlines depicting them as ‘barbaric’, ‘shocking’, ‘bizarre’, or even ‘absurd’. Some of these edicts also make their way as humorous skits on late night television around the world.


Marriage breakdowns: A disturbing trend

Source : Arab News
JEDDAH | 19 Jun 2011

There were 500,000 divorce cases in Saudi Arabia in less than two decades, Asharq Al-Awsat, a sister publication of Arab News, reported Friday quoting a field study that claimed the figures represented a worrying trend.

The study, conducted by researcher Salman bin Muhammad Al-Amri, said divorces were particularly common among young couple and asked for establishing special offices for marriage counseling under the umbrella of Shariah courts.


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