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Obesity in KSA kills 20,000 in one year

Source : Arab news / 16 Aug 2014

Around 20,000 people die from obesity-related disease annually, studies have shown.

Experts predict an increase in diabetes in children owing to soaring obesity levels among both minors and adults.


West African Ebola outbreak death toll reaches 1,013

Source : Reuters / 12 Aug 2014

The death toll from the worst ever outbreak of Ebola has reached 1,013 after another 52 people died in the three days to Aug. 9 in three West African countries, the World Health Organization said on Monday.


Smoking ban introduced in Saudi Arabia

Source : Arab news / 08 Aug 2014

Saudi Arabia has banned smoking in sports stadiums across the country as part of efforts to encourage its young population to quit the bad habit, which has been costing it billions of riyals in terms of treatment for tobacco-related diseases.


GCC takes strict measures to prevent ebola

Source : Saudi Gazette / 04 Aug 2014

Gulf ministries of health have taken all health measures to prevent Ebola virus patients from Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, and other African countries from entering any Gulf country, said Professor Tawfiq Ahmad Khoja, director-general of the Executive Health Office for Gulf Cooperation Council countries.


Ebola Continues to Spread in Liberia

Source : WHO / 10 Jul 2014

Community leaders in three counties in Liberia – Montserrado, Margibi, and Lofa – are receiving information sessions on Ebola as part of the effort to contain the disease. WHO is supporting the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to conduct these sessions on the basics of the disease, how it is transmitted and what people can do to help authorities contain the disease. In the orientation sessions, printed materials are distributed and footage is shown on topics like treatment and holding centres, proper burial of the dead, and others.


Top 5 heart-warming Ramadan soups to begin your iftar

Source : Al Arabiya | 08 July 2014

This year the holy month of Ramadan falls in the summer, making fasting a tough task for Muslims, who abstain from food and drink until sunset.

As the body loses liquids during the fast, Muslims need to rehydrate themselves after Iftar to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Soup, a traditional dish at Iftar, adds variety to every table during the holy month of Ramadan. With its many different types and flavors, it’s not only a delicious tradition, but also offers many health benefits.


Moroccan Ramadan traditional meal

Source : Al Arabiya / 05 Jul 2014

As many Muslims who observe Ramadan look forward to breaking their fasts, perhaps it’s time to take a trip around the world and see what other cultures eat for their iftar meal.


‘More than 6 million’ Syrian children need aid

Source : AFP / 05 Jul 2014

More than six million children affected by the Syria conflict desperately need humanitarian aid, the U.N.'s children's agency said Friday, with the number in need rising by a third in a year.


Attacks on polio vaccination workers in Pakistan

Source : Dawn / 04 Jul 2014

Two polio vaccinators were wounded in Shah Latif town in Sindh's Khairpur district on Friday, DawnNews reported.

Unknown attackers beat up the members of the polio vaccination team with sticks.


Fasting? Liven up Ramadan with delicious dishes from the Mideast

Source : Al Arabiya / 02 Jul 2014

With the holy month of Ramadan now upon us, different cultures around the world are cooking up their traditional Ramadan treats. Muslims who observe the month of Ramadan will abstain from food and drink from dawn to sunset and break their fast with an array of delectable dishes.


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