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Losing weight lowers hormones tied to cancer

By PressTV | 22 May 2012

Weight loss may reduce the overweight women’s risk of breast cancer by lowering the blood levels of hormones associated with developing the tumor.

A study of 439 women aged between 50 and 75 provided new evidence showing that losing excessive body-fat through diet and exercise may decrease the levels of hormones estrogen and testosterone.


Ramadan sets Muslim athletes extra test at London Games

By Kate Kelland | Reuters | London | 22 May 2012

When Malaysian cyclist Azizulhasni Awang opted to postpone his Ramadan fast until after the London Games, the decision was all about going for Olympic gold.


Saturated fat tied to mental & cognitive decline

By PressTV | 22 May 2012

People who frequently eat foods high in saturated fat such as butter and red meat are more likely to develop mental and cognitive decline which are early signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Food allergies: Sick to your stomach

By Iman Sherif & Shehab Al Makahleh | Gulf News | Abu Dhabi | 21 May 2012

One in twelve children suffers from food allergies which could lead to nausea, rash or even death.

Food allergy is a health problem which seems simple but in reality is of real concern to sufferers and their families. Moreover, food allergies can cause significant problems that should not be taken lightly.


Omega-3s may boost brain function, memory

By PressTV | 19 May 2012

A diet high in processed sugar slows the brain, hampering memory and learning while regular consumption of food rich in omega-3s may boost brain function.


Lowering LDL better for reducing heart risk

By PressTV | 19 May 2012

New evidence questions the idea that increasing the blood level of HDL also known as good cholesterol may protect against heart disease.


Study suggests lower death risk for coffee lovers

Source : Reuters | 17 May 2012

Older people who reported drinking a few daily cups of coffee were less likely to die over the subsequent 14 years than were those who abstained from the beverage or rarely drank it, according to a U.S. study of 400,000 people.

In particular, coffee was tied to a lower risk of dying from heart disease, stroke, infections, injuries and accidents, the researchers said in a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Fish tied to lower colon cancer risk: study

Source : Reuters | 12 May 2012

People who eat plenty of fish may have a lower risk of colon cancer and, even more, rectal cancer, according to an analysis of 41 studies from around the world.

The analysis, which appeared in the American Journal of Medicine, is the latest report that ties fish consumption to a number of possible health benefits.


6 Ways to Stay Shisha-Free

When you start to quit smoking Shisha for good, you need to know the ways to help you stay smoke free. Sometimes, people may claim that quitting smoking is really not a big deal. They say it when they have stopped smoking for a short while, maybe even just a day. But after several months, or even a day or two, they resume their previous smoking habits. You can prevent that from happening by being informed on how to deal with the struggle of quitting.


Green tea drinkers show less disability with age: study

Source : Reuters | 06 Feb 2012
Specifically, almost 13 percent of adults who drank less than a cup of green tea per day became functionally disabled, compared with just over 7 percent of people who drank at least five cups a day.

Elderly adults who regularly drink green tea may stay more agile and independent than their peers over time, according to a Japanese study that covered thousands of people.


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