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Iron pills may boost energy in women with fatigue

By PressTV | 5 Jun 2012

Prescribing supplemental iron may help women suffering from unexplained fatigue to boost their level of energy even in the absence of anemia, according to a new study by Swiss researchers.


US study questions fruit sugar role in hypertension; Cola drinks linked

Sweet drinks have been linked to a slightly higher risk of developing high blood pressure, but a US study finds that fruit sugar may not be the culprit as found in earlier research.

Researchers followed more than 200,000 men and women for up to 38 years and found that regularly consuming sweetened drinks, either containing sugars or artificially sweetened, was associated with a rise of about 13 percent in the risk of developing high blood pressure.


Exercise Vs. Diet: The Brain’s Dilemma

An emerging theme that is becoming dominant in neuroscience literature are the positive effects of dietary restriction on cognitive function. If you eat less, it seems that you will become smarter. Moreover, another line of neuroscience research is showing the benefits of exercise on learning and memory. In fact, multiple studies have shown the improved learning and memory in those who engage in exercise programs. The benefits of exercise have also been shown to reverse the decline in memory of older men and women.


Research shows promising treatments against skin cancer

By AFP | Chicago | 4 Jun 2012

Two new experimental treatments against advanced melanoma have shown promise in keeping the deadly skin cancer at bay, according to research presented in the United States on Monday.


Immune boosters show promise against cancer

A pair of experimental treatments that fight cancer by boosting the immune system have shown promise in early studies and deserve testing in larger patient groups, said US research released yesterday.

The drugs, both made by Bristol-Myers Squibb, work by breaking down the shield that protects tumor cells. Rather than try to kill the cancer directly, they allow the immune system to do its work against the invading cells.


High blood sugar may raise pneumonia death risk

By PressTV | 2 Jun 2012

Patients with community acquired pneumonia who have high blood sugar levels are more likely die than those who have normal glucose levels, warn researchers.


Premature babies have higher psychiatric risk

By Kate Kelland | Reuters | London | 1 Jun 2012

Babies born prematurely have a much higher risk of developing severe mental disorders including psychosis, bipolar disorder and depression, according to a study to be published on Monday.


Zinc boosts treatment of newborn infections

By PressTV | 31 May 2012

Zinc supplementation may increase the effectiveness of antibiotics in the treatment of serious newborn infections in developing countries.


Can a decade of dark chocolate protect your heart?

By Reuters | London | 31 May 2012

A scientific study likely to stir the souls of chocoholics has suggested that eating dark chocolate every day for 10 years could reduce the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes in some high-risk patients.


Tight jeans can affect male fertility: Doctors

By Sharmila Dhal | XPRESS | Dubai | 31 May 2012

From nerve damage to reduced fertility, doctors in Dubai warn that they could impair both men and women’s health in more ways than one.


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