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Could Fertility Drugs Make Kids Shorter?

By Barbara Bronson Gray | Health Day | 23 Jun 2012

For those who need help getting pregnant, the thought of having a child who's a little shorter than other kids probably won't be much of a worry. But the question of whether infertility treatment causes unanticipated consequences remains fertile ground for researchers.


Skin Cell Transplant May Offer New Hope to Vitiligo Patients

By Jenifer Goodwin | Health Day | 23 Jun 2012

Skin cell transplants can restore pigment to the skin of some patients with the disorder known as vitiligo, new research finds.


Traffic noise increases risk of heart attack: Study

By PressTV | 21 Jun 2012

Working on the links between traffic noise and health, a new study has found that people exposed to louder traffic sounds run a greater risk of suffering a heart attack.


Raising children with deen and dunya

By Hina Khan-Mukhtar | SeekersGuidance | 21 Jun 2012

I still vividly remember the first night I spent by myself in the hospital after delivering my eldest son Shaan. The guests were gone for the day, the hallway lights were dimmed, the nurses were speaking outside my room in muted tones.

“Knock, knock!” came a cheerful voice from the doorway. “Someone’s hungry and wants his mommy!”


Tea drinkers may be at greater risk of prostate cancer

By PressTV | 19 Jun 2012

New research indicates that heavy tea drinkers are more likely to develop prostate cancer than the moderate and non-tea drinkers.


Psoriasis tied to higher risk of diabetes

By Genevra Pittman | Reuters | New York | 19 Jun 2012

People with the chronic skin condition psoriasis may be more likely to develop type 2 diabetes as well, according to a new study of the medical records of more than half a million Britons.


High cholesterol diet may help brain fatal genetic disease

By PressTV | 19 Jun 2012

German researchers suggest a cholesterol-rich diet may protect individuals against a fatal genetic brain disease known as Pelizaeus-Merzbacher.


Kids with one kidney can still play sports: study

By Frederik Joelving | Reuters | New York | 18 Jun 2012

Having only one kidney shouldn't deter healthy youths from playing sports, according to a new study that flies in the face of widespread safety concerns.


Vitamin D plus calcium tied to longer life: study

By Reuters | 17 Jun 2012

Older people who take vitamin D and calcium supplements may live a bit longer than their peers, according to an international review of several studies covering more than 70,000 people.


Fish-oil supplements incapable of averting dementia

By PressTV | 13 Jun 2012

Researchers say they have ascertained compelling evidence that fish-oil supplements do not offer protection against dementia.


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