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The trials and tribulations of the children of Adam

By Muhammadrasul Saaduev : Imam of Central Jum`ah Mosque | Makhachkala | 19 Aug 2011

Why Is It Useful to Appeal to Allah?

By divine predestination, man comes into this world being weak, and returns as weak to the Almighty, despite the advantages that Allah has given him. The Creator made him the apex of creation and put him in charge of all other creations.

Despite such a great honor, man is still a weak creature. The Almighty intended him so. Allah says in the Qur'an: “Allah intends to make things easy on you. And man has been created weak.” In another Ayah Allah says: “O ye men! It is ye that have need of Allah: but Allah is the One Free of all wants, worthy of all praise.


After 9/11, curiosity over Islam leads to conversion

Source : Omar Sacirbey | Religion News Service
BOSTON | 24 Aug 2011

Like a lot of other people in the haze and confusion of the 9/11 attacks, Johannah Segarich asked herself: “What kind of religion is this that could inspire people to do this?”

She had studied other religions, but never Islam. So she bought a copy of the Quran, wondering if her notions of Islam as a patriarchal and now seemingly violent religion, would be confirmed.


Does Islam stand against science?

Source : Steve Paulson | The Chronicle Review
The Chronicle of Higher Education |
19 June 2011

We may think the charged relationship between science and religion is mainly a problem for Christian fundamentalists, but modern science is also under fire in the Muslim world. Islamic creationist movements are gaining momentum, and growing numbers of Muslims now look to the Quran itself for revelations about science.


Arab Spring not Islamist uprising, says Muslim intellectual

Source : Robert Sibley | Ottawa Citizen
OTTAWA | 18 Jul 2011

The future of the Arab Spring is "unpredictable," and, indeed, hopes for democracy in the region could be derailed if the political situation becomes too divisive, says a prominent Muslim intellectual. "It is a very difficult reality we have now in these countries (Egypt and Tunisia)," says Tariq Ramadan. "The polarization . could in fact stop the democratic process itself."


Secular State and Islamic Tradition in Russia

The state has neutral policy concerning the matters of citizens' attitude towards religion.


Indonesia's president: 'We can be model for Islam and democracy'

Source | CNN
Jakarta | 15 Jun 2011

Indonesia's transition from an autocracy to a vibrant democracy can be an example to those countries in the Middle East experiencing political upheaval, says the country's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

"Indonesia can be a model where Islam and democracy exist hand in hand, with no contradiction between the two," he told CNN.


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