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Things You Can Do on the Night of Power


Source : / 31 Jul 2013

Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Power) is described in the Quran as: {better than a thousand months} (Al-Qadr 97: 3)

Any action done on this night such as reciting the Quran, remembering God, etc. is better than acting for one thousand months which do not contain the Night of Power.

"Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to exert himself in devotion during the last ten nights to a greater extent than at any other time." (Muslim)


The Night of Power and its Virtues

Source : / 30 Jul 2013

The night of Power is one of the nights occurring in the month of Ramadan. On this night:

• The decrees of creation are decided
• Allah accepts du'a` (prayers and supplication)
• The Qur`an was revealed on this night.


Beware of Hatred and Malice in Islam

By Abu Amina Elias / 15 Jul 2013

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Islam teaches us to beware of hatred and malice. It is a disease of the heart whose consequences are destructive to the individual, the community, and the religion.

Anas ibn Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:


Do not hate each other, do not envy each other, do not turn away from each other, but rather be servants of Allah as brothers.


The Meaning of Fasting and the Wisdom Behind it

Source : / 11 July 2013

Definition of fasting:

The lexical meaning of fasting is abstinence. In Islamic law, it means to abstain from certain things (under conditions and pillars of fasting and the absence of the things which nullify fasting) from the break of dawn until sunset.


The fruits of Sawm (fasting)

By Noora Al Sharabi / 4 July 2013

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Empathizing with the hunger of the poor:

The fasting person voluntarily performs acts of worship and tastes hunger which the poor are obliged to taste against their will.

Though the fasting person feels hunger, it is a voluntary act carried out for a limited period of time in order to draw closer to Allah the Almighty. However, the deprived are obliged to taste hunger against their will and for long periods of time.


Kalimas of Islam

Source : Steps2Paradise / 27 June 2013

The Kalimah is the essence of Islam. A true Muslim is one who is completely aware of the meaning of the Kalimah, proclaims it with sincerity and devotion, and acts and lives in accordance to its requirements.

Kalimah-e-Tayyabah (Word of Purity)

Laaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Muhammadur-Rasoolu-llaah


Is it permissible in Islam to torture people?

By Abu Amina Elias / 27 June 2013

Question: Is it permissible for Muslims to torture criminals?

Answer: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

It is not lawful for Muslims to torture people or inflict any pain upon criminals beyond the limits prescribed by Allah.

Hisham ibn Hakim passed by some people in Syria who had been made to stand in the sun and had oil poured over their heads. He asked, “What is this?” It was said, “They are being punished for not paying taxes.” Hisham said: I heard the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, say: إِنَّاللَّهَيُعَذِّبُالَّذِينَيُعَذِّبُونَفِيالدُّنْيَاVerily, Allah will torture those who torture people in this world.


Supremacy of Sawm

Source : / 27 June 2013

Every year we witness the month of Ramadhan but if someone were to ask us what does Ramadhan mean what would be our reply? If we were ask to define fasting (sawm) what would be our reply?

 Ramadhan comes from the word rimdun or ramada which means to scorch, according to the Ulema it is hoped that during the month of Ramadhan the sins of the believers will be scorched or burnt.


Virtues Of Fasting

Source : Steps2Paradise / 25 June 2013

Clear and decisive verses in the Noble Quran encourage fasting as a means of seeking nearness to Allah the Mighty, and explain its virtues, such as the saying of Allah, the Most High:


Let’s Beat Procrastination Before Ramadan

By Talha Tashfeen Qayyum / 25 June 2013

Procrastination is the big daddy of productivity busters and seems to spare no one from its deadly clutches. It is something that we as humans fall for subconsciously at one time or the other.

As a child I was always told by my beloved mother not to delay what is to be done to a later time as it is something that stems from carelessness and laziness. Procrastination is a habit that is difficult to shake off once developed.


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